Consultant for the development of a branding design proposal for Paraguay´s GCF REDD+ RBP Project

  • Added Date: Wednesday, 19 January 2022
  • Deadline Date: Monday, 31 January 2022
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Result of Service

The main objective of the consultancy is to develop a branding design proposal for the GCF REDD+ RBP Paraguay project. The branding proposal should include a name and logo that capture the main values and attributes of the project, which should be distinctive, memorable and understandable to a wide audience, and applicable for the development of communication products.
Work Assignments:
- Outline the approach, methodology and data collection method which meet the requirements set out in these Terms of Reference
- Review all information and background documents related to the development and progress of the project and relevant topics such as of forests, climate change, REDD+ and sustainable development in Paraguay.
- Develop a work plan for the consultancy, including the timeline to complete the assignment and the required resources, if applicable, and identify any issues crucial to the viability of the consultancy and share them with the project team
- Design at least 3 name and logo proposals (isologotype) for the project, considering all context information and relevant background documents, with the participation of the project team.
- Develop the content and design of a manual containing style and usage guidelines for branding proposals.
- Undertake socialization and validation meetings and workshops for the final selection of the name and isologotype in consensus with the Project Team, the Project's implementing institutions and other previously identified external stakeholders
- Liaise with other communication offices in key partner institutions
- Coordinate with the project team all aspects related to the logistics and costs of the workshops,
- Develop the content and design of a branding kit (visual identity and communication materials), which includes: a PowerPoint template, letterheads and folders, project banner, background for virtual meeting, invitation templates, email signatures, design proposal por notepads, pens, t-shirts, project brochure.
- Ensure that all products are developed in line with UNEP graphic and other relevant guidelines
- Develop a short video introducing the project, considering all relevant context information and background documents. The video should be approximately 3 minutes long and a shortened version of 1 minute should be also developed.
- Collect needed footage and/or images
- Perform appropriate professional video editing; using appropriate graphics, infographics, animations, voice enhancements and captions to produce a professionally edited video, promotional video that can be shared with local and international audiences
- Produce a video for comments and feedbacks
- Produce Final videos, other used footages and images, and licensed music
- Make sure videos meet the professional standards (properly exposed, processed and framed).

Product 1: A document that includes:
- Technical proposal
- Work Plan (including a detailed schedule, an analysis of the GCF REDD+ RBP Paraguay project context setting for the development of the consultancy, the objectives and deliverables, and identification of crucial issues/risks for the development of the consultancy)

Product 2: A document including:
- Branding material (at least 3 isologotype proposals)
- A manual with guidelines for use of the brand/style guide including conceptual and design guidelines, use and applications of the logo, typography, colors and additional indications as necessary.
- A report on the workshop for socialization and validation of the branding proposals (including a list of participants, content provided, feedback received from participants).

Product 3: A document that includes:
Project Branding kit (communication and visual identity material) including:
- Power Point presentation templates, including icon set
- Letterheads and folders
- Project banner
- Background for virtual meetings
- Invitation templates
- Business card templates
- Email signature
- Design proposal for Notepads, pens, bags, t-shirts, mugs, mug covers, mug covers
- Flyer template for dissemination of project information and stakeholder statements
- Mailing template, newsletter, press release template
- Flyers and infographics alluding to the project's objectives and activities
- Project Brochure

Product 4: A document that includes:
- A short (3 minutes) video introducing the GCF REDD+ RBP Paraguay project
- A shortened version of a one-minute presentation of the GCF REDD+ RBP Paraguay project.
The videos should be presented in raw and edited video files via file transfer links for downloads

Work Location

Home Based

Expected duration

3 months and 5 days

Duties and Responsibilities

The United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment) is the leading global environmental authority that sets the global environmental agenda, promotes the coherent implementation of the environmental dimension of sustainable development within the United Nations system and serves as an authoritative advocate for the global environment.
The UN Environment Latin America and the Caribbean Office (ROLAC), located in Panama City, works closely with the 33 countries of the region and its activities are integrated into the Medium-Term Strategy and the Programme of Work approved by the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA).

In 2017, the Green Climate Fund (GCF) approved its REDD+-related policy: a USD 500 million funding envelope, accompanied by a detailed and comprehensive process for countries to apply for results-based payments (RBP). To ensure a fair allocation of funds, no country can apply for more than 30 percent of the total set-aside envelope; in other words, no more than USD 150 million. The GCF has assigned REDD+ carbon a value of USD 5 per ton, and a scorecard assessment procedure to determine eligibility and how much each country will be paid, including a potential 2.5% bonus for non-carbon benefits (NCB).

Access to GCF payments will be carried out through Accredited Entities (AE). AEs must coordinate with national REDD+ Focal Points and GCF National Designated Authorities (NDAs). In November 2019 and with the support of UNEP as AE, the Government of Paraguay signed with the GCF a payment for results agreement for 9.8 million Tons of CO2, equivalent from avoided deforestation during the period 2015-2017. The Government of Paraguay made a commitment to the GCF to use the payments received to achieve new CO2 emission reductions through the implementation of the National Strategy for Forests and Sustainable Growth (ENBCS).

The implementation of the Result Based Payment program in Paraguay will be executed jointly with the UN-REDD Program agencies (UNDP, UNEP and FAO) in Paraguay, and will be the responsibility of a Project Implementation Unit. The program foresees the implementation of a component to strengthen the capacities of state institutions for forest monitoring and management, including the development and implementation of early warning systems for fires and deforestation, territorial planning and the participation of indigenous peoples, the private sector and rural communities, and the promotion of sustainable forest management and good agricultural and livestock practices. The program will also promote the National Climate Change Fund and the creation of economic development instruments for the implementation of activities that result in the reduction of emissions from deforestation and/or forest degradation, in addition to strengthening the institutions involved.

As part of the capacity building, enabling environment and monitoring systems established for the implementation of the ENBCS component, the Project Implementation Unit has identified the need for the design and implementation of a Knowledge Management and Communications Strategy, which aims to produce positive change in the behavior of key stakeholders related to forests and climate change. In order to achieve this behavioral change, the project must have a branding and marketing plan that effectively reflect the project goal and outcomes.

To comply with the objectives within the project, UNEP seeks to hire a consultant to develop a branding design proposal for the project. The branding proposal should include a name and logo that captures the main values and attributes of the project, which should be distinctive, memorable and understandable to a wide audience, and relevant to the development of the communication products.

The incumbent will work under the overall guidance of the GCF REDD+ RBP Project Communications Assistant and will be supervised by the UN REDD Programme Management Officer in UNEP Office in Panama. The incumbent will work from home.

Qualifications/special skills

Academic Qualifications: A bachelor´s degree in the areas of communication, advertising, design and audiovisuals, or related field, is required
Experience: - At least 10 years of relevant work experience in the areas of communication, advertising, design and/or audiovisual is required.
- Experience on development of corporate identity and institutional communication; content, creative and art direction; development of storytelling for projects, is required.
- Experience in the development of institutional and project audiovisual materials is required.
- Experience in the environmental conservation projects or sustainable development initiatives in Paraguay will be considered and asset.
- Relevant experience in design and facilitation of participatory workshops focused on creativity development will be considered an asset.
Language: - The candidate must be fluent in Spanish, having excellent writing, reading and communication skills.

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