Consultant for NPAP Impact and Monitoring & Evaluation

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  • Added Date: Thursday, 16 March 2023
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Program Overview

WRI Indonesia hosted the secretariat of Indonesiaโ€™s National Plastic Action Partnership (NPAP), It is part of the Global Plastic Action Partnership (GPAP) which initiated by the c), as a bold neutral platform responsible for coordinating and facilitating the public-private partnerships working to free the world from plastic waste and pollution. The initiative aims to tackle one of the most difficult and pressing challenges facing our global commons โ€“ plastics pollution โ€“ in particular the plastic pollution of rivers, deltas and the ocean. NPAP goal is to reduce Marine Plastic Pollution The Government of Indonesia has made significant step by committing to reduce plastics pollution to the ocean by 70% by 2025. GPAP is supporting Indonesia to reduce plastic pollution to the ocean through National Plastic Action Partnership (NPAP). The partnership brings together top leaders from government, private sectors and civil society organizations to contribute in achieving national ocean plastic reduction target. To date, Indonesia NPAP has 150 members and partners that work to beat plastic pollution in Indonesia.

The secretariat of Indonesiaโ€™s National Plastic Action Partnership (NPAP), hosted at the World Resources Institute (WRI) Indonesia, is looking for an impact and M&E consultant to develop Indonesia NPAP impact and evaluation report. The role will be based in Indonesia. This position will report to the NPAP Manager and coordinate closely with NPAP Community Coordinator, NPAP team at WRI Indonesia and GPAP team at the World Economic Forum. NPAP project has the expected results listed below:

Result Type

Result Statement

Intermediate Outcome 1

Public & Private Actors Take Inclusive Action to tackle Plastic Pollution

Immediate Outcome 1.1

Promoting Inclusivity Diverse and inclusive perspectives are present within GPAP

Immediate Outcome 1.2

Market influencers on GPAP's platform (governments, businesses, media) have knowledge of behaviour change approaches

Intermediate Outcome 2

Public & Private Actors Decision Making to Tackle Plastic Pollution is Informed by Evidence

Immediate Outcome 2.1

Harmonizing Metrics

GPAP Partners are using consistent approaches for measuring plastic pollution

Immediate Outcome 2.2

Informing Policy

GPAP Partners use action roadmap to inform policy decision

Intermediate Outcome 3

Public and private actors take inclusive action to tackle plastic pollution

Immediate Outcome 3.1

Public & private actors' decision making to tackle plastic pollution is informed by evidence

Immediate Outcome 3.2

Public & private actors increase investment in tackling plastic pollution

Job Highlight

The NPAP Impact and M&E consultant will responsible to deliver NPAP impact and evaluation report to WRI Indonesia, as the host of Indonesia NPAP. The consultant will assess the impact, outcome results, and what needs to be improved from Indonesia NPAP program implementation after three years of its launch using appropriate evaluation approach. The consultant will engage the NPAP members to gain primary data and use secondary data that available from the Indonesia NPAP and publicly available sources. The consultant will report to the Ocean and Plastic Waste Manager while working closely with DPD AFOLU and Head of Operations and M&E , he/she also expected to working collaboratively with the rest of program team and partners. This position will be based in Jakarta, Indonesia with possibility of conduct travel according to project needs.

What You Will Do

Monitoring and Evaluation (100%)

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