Consultancy - Building the Capacity of Local Stakeholders to Conduct Rapid Gender-Sensitive Labor Market Assessments

  • Added Date: Thursday, 20 February 2020
  • Deadline Date: Monday, 09 March 2020

Consultancy - Building the Capacity of Local Stakeholders to Conduct Rapid Gender-Sensitive Labor Market Assessments

Location of Assignment: Iraq (Baghdad, Basrah, Anbar)

Reports to: BRIDGE Project Director

Contract Term: March 2020 - August 2020

Application Deadline: 9 March 2020


World University Service of Canada (WUSC) and Canadian Leaders in International Consulting (CLIC) have been jointly awarded a grant from Global Affairs Canada to implement the project “Bolstering Reconstruction in Iraq Through Development, Growth and Employment” (BRIDGE). The Project’s goal is to improve the employment status of male and female youth, and women in selected sectors and governorates of Iraq. The two key outcome results of the Project are: (i) improved delivery of gender responsive and market relevant Vocational Training; and (ii) improved employability of targeted male and female youth and women.

BRIDGE is addressing the need for short-term stabilization of Iraq by helping beneficiaries integrate into the labour market. It will also support the ongoing reform of the Vocational Education and Training Sector.

Nature and Scope

BRIDGE wishes to retain a consultant who will develop a training and mentoring program to build the capacity of key government stakeholders (including the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Governorates, and vocational training centers) to conduct rapid gender-sensitive labor market assessments in their areas. This comes as part of enhancing the institutional processes among the TVET stakeholders to ensure that their training programs are relevant to labor market needs, and respond to changes in the job market.

BRIDGE is working with 5 VTCs in three areas (Baghdad, Basra and Anbar), with plans to expand to up to another 5 VTCs, possibly in other governorates, by the Spring of 2020.

Specific tasks will include:

The Consultant will be asked to develop and deliver training and coaching to local stakeholders on designing, conducting, and analysing rapid gender-sensitive labor market assessments. The training should develop the skills, tools and knowledge of participants that will enable them to identify promising sectors and/or sub-sectors for men and women, as well as corresponding semi-skills employment for each of the priority sectors identified in the target regions. The consultant will ensure that gender considerations are included in the design and implementation of the assessments to make sure that areas of growth and opportunities for women’s employment are identified. While some sub-sectors may be principally attractive to young men, others will be gender-neutral, and some will principally target women. Special attention should be paid to developing partner capacities to identify potential sub-sector opportunities for women, as well as specific barriers faced by women within the sectors and labour market more generally. Analysis of labor market assessment findings should also include recommendations and/or actions that can be taken to help address those barriers at a systemic level and by employers.

Working closely with BRIDGE staff and project partners, the Consultant will:

  • Conduct a desk review of key documents provided by BRIDGE staff, and research institutional and policy incentives and constraints to conducting rapid labor market assessments in the VT sector in Iraq, as well as current partner capacity and motivation to develop and implement these assessments.
  • Provide awareness raising and guidance to VT and VTC management about the value of effective labor market assessments in strengthening the relevancy of their programs and ensuring that students are graduating with the right set of technical and soft skills that will increase their opportunities for employment and retention.
  • Develop a detailed inception report and work plan in close consultation with designated BRIDGE staff. The inception report will clarify and refine the overall approach, methodology and timing for training and coaching the stakeholders on conducting and analysing rapid labor market assessments.
  • Develop guidelines on gender-sensitive rapid labor market assessment design, implementation, analysis and communication.
  • Develop gender-sensitive data collection tools that will be used by the participants to gather the required information from sector employers and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Train key staff from the participating Vocational Training Centers (VTCs) and governorate employment departments on designing, conducting and analysing labor market assessments, as well as how to use the findings and information gathered. The training will get the VTC staff ready to conduct their own assessments with guidance from the consultant.
  • Provide coaching support and feedback to the VTCs as they conduct and analyse their gender sensitive rapid labor market assessments. This will include revision and vetting of their assessment methodologies and implementation plans, execution of the assessments, and analysis of the results.
  • Facilitate a feedback workshop / session for participants to share their experiences, challenges, and findings of their labor market assessments, as well as ways to organize their results and recommendations to communicate and present to VT and VTC management. Attention will be given to findings that impact women’s participation in the labor market and any actions needed to address them.
  • Assist the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MOLSA), and participating Governorates, to create a mechanism to review and adapt the vocational training curricula and programs based on the results of the rapid labor market assessments conducted, in collaboration with employers, using the developed guidelines, and paying particular attention to addressing barriers to women entering and remaining in the workforce.


  1. Brief summary report on findings of desk review and review of VTC incentives and constraints to conducting rapid labor market assessments
  2. Inception report and work plan, including assessment tools
  3. Guidelines on rapid labor market assessments
  4. Delivery of training workshop for the participants, and submission of training report
  5. Report from coaching and feedback provided to participants on their rapid labor market assessments
  6. Delivery of feedback workshop / session with participants on their labor market assessments, and assist them with organizing their finding to present and communicate to VTC management
  7. Facilitation of working session with VTC management and stakeholders to co-develop mechanism for review and adaptation of training curriculum and programs as needed according to findings of the labor market assessments
  8. Final report and slide deck summarizing the approach, activities, and recommendations to ensure sustainability of results with local stakeholders, to present to and discuss with the local stakeholders. To add a gender breakdown of people who engaged in the study.

Level of Effort

Deliverable # : 1

Activity : Desk-based research (home based)

LOE : 2 days

Deliverable # : 1

Activity : Engage with VT and VTC management to raise awareness about the value of labor market assessments and their implications for VTC planning and performance (home based - through BRIDGE team)
LOE : 3 days

Deliverable # : 2

Activity : Develop and submit a detailed inception report and work plan, including assessment tools (home-based)
LOE : 5 days

Deliverable # : 3

Activity : Develop guidelines on labor market assessments (home-based)
LOE : 5 days

Deliverable # : 4

Activity : Train key staff on the design, implementation, and analysis of labor market assessments, as well as how to use the information to strengthen the training programs (in-country - 1st trip)
LOE : 10 days

Deliverable # : 5

Activity : Coach and support the participants as they conduct labor market assessments in their areas, and provide them with feedback on approach, analysis, methodology, results, etc. (home-based - through BRIDGE team)
LOE : 15 days

Deliverable # : 6

Activity : Conduct a feedback workshop / session with participants on their labor market assessments, and ways to organize their information and findings to communicating to VTC managers and stakeholders (in-country - 2nd trip)
LOE : 5 days

Deliverable # : 7

Activity : Assist stakeholders to create a mechanism to review and adapt the vocational training curricula and programs based on the results of the labor market assessments
LOE : 5 days

Deliverable # : 8

Activity : Develop final report and slide deck with recommendations to share with project stakeholders
LOE : 3 days

53 days


  • Home based and in in-country (mainly Baghdad with some travel to Anbar and Basrah as needed/ where relevant)
  • It is anticipated that the consultant would have two trips to Iraq:
    • The first to conduct the labor market assessment training (10 days)
    • The second (10 days) to:
    • Hold a feedback session / workshop with the participants after they implement their labor market assessments
    • Assist the VTCs in organizing their information and findings to communicate and present to the VT stakeholders and VTC managers
    • Facilitate a working session with VTC management and stakeholders to create a mechanism to review and adapt training programs based on the results of the assessments.

The BRIDGE team will arrange for the Consultant’s in-country transportation and will also provide interpretation during meetings and training sessions as needed. The Consultant will be responsible for his/her own arrangements for insurance coverage while in Iraq.


The assignment will begin in March 2020 and conclude in August 2020.


  • A minimum of 7 years of experience in conducting labor market assessments and/or market skills assessments
  • Proven experience designing, implementing and analyzing labor market assessments that are gender-sensitive and also focus on women’s employability skills and opportunities
  • Experience in the design, administration and analysis of assessments including delivery of related training for Government officials
  • Demonstrated experience in conducting training and providing coaching and mentoring (both face to face and remote coaching)
  • Demonstrated experience with software and IT tools to aid in assessment design and analysis
  • Strong communication and writing skills in English
  • Experience with vocational training an asset
  • Arabic language skills are an asset.
  • Eligible for a visa to travel to Iraq

WUSC offers a dynamic international work environment with a diverse intercultural workforce. We offer exciting opportunities for people to apply their skills and gain experience all while making a difference for youth around the world. We believe youth have the potential to provide for their families, build strong communities, and create positive social change for future generations. WUSC works hard to create lasting change in education, employment and empowerment.


WUSC’s activities seek to balance inequities and create sustainable development around the globe; the work ethic of our staff, volunteers, consultants, representatives and partners shall correspond to the values and mission of the organization. WUSC promotes responsibility, respect, honesty, and professional excellence and we will not tolerate harassment, coercion and sexual exploitation and abuse of any form. Successful applicants will be required to undertake a background and criminal record check where appropriate.

WUSC is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome and encourage applications from people with disabilities. Accommodations are available upon request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process.

Only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted. No telephone calls please.

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