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  • Deadline Date: Thursday, 30 April 2020

About DT GlobalDT Global is a fast-growing international development organization that focuses on improving the capability, capacity, and effectiveness of development programming in complex global environments. Working across a variety of sectors – including Economic Growth, Environment & Infrastructure, Governance, Human Development, and Stabilization & Transition - we provide world class program management, design, analysis, and monitoring and evaluation services.

Built on the strengths, knowledge, and 50+ years of experience from AECOM International Development, Development Transformations, and the Global Peace and Development Charitable Trust, we have a global ecosystem – including a non-profit partner, the DT Institute – working together to develop cutting edge solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. With corporate offices in the USA, Spain and Australia, in addition to project field offices in over 90 countries around the world, DT Global implements projects funded from a wide array of clients, including USAID, EU, DFAT, NC, MFAT, DFID and other public and private stakeholders. We value learning, research, and rapid program adaptation in response to changing realities on the ground. Together with our global team of experts, we are building technical capabilities across sectors in order to deliver high-quality interventions and transform lives around the world. For more information please see:

Job Description

The Chief of Party (COP)/Project Director is responsible for operational and program integrity, including compliance with the terms and conditions of the contract, and for the performance of all program personnel. While overall program direction is provided by the COR, the COP is responsible for the planning, management, monitoring, and quality of performance, and reporting on progress toward objectives. The COP/Project Director establishes and maintains relationships with Key Government officials, CSOs and key private sector entities. In addition, they engage other USAID implementing partners and international donors to maximize impact of project activities. Under the guidance and overall technical direction of OTI, the COP/Project Director provides oversight of activities, including supervision of the program field staff, ensuring appropriate activity design, implementation, The COP’s responsibilities include oversight of grant activities, and will ensure that grant making procedures are established, approved and followed. Grant making includes appropriate grant design, implementation, management, monitoring, evaluation, and close out. Lastly, the COP/Project Director is the point of contact for the program and is responsible for management of the relationship between USAID/OTI and the Contractor.

These positions will be full-time and based in various conflicts and crises countries.

Major Responsibilities

· Making key decisions and solving problems in short time frames while ensuring operational and program integrity. Overall program is provided by OTI through the TOCOR and CR.

· Serving as the Contractor’s designated person for overall management of the in-country relationship with OTI.

· In close consultation with the CR, providing oversight of grant activities, including supervision of the program staff, ensuring appropriate grant design, ensuring that procedures are established and complied for grant development, grant worthiness, grant implementation, management, monitoring, evaluation and closing.

· Developing familiarity with and maintaining daily usage of the OTI Web-Based Database, and ultimately being responsible being responsible for ensuring that the relevant staff use, maintain, and upload weekly to the Web-Based Database, and that data is consistent and complete.

· The COP/Project Director supervises the Operations Manager and Senior Program Development Officer (SPDO), amongst other staff.

Minimum Requirements

● A minimum of eight (8) years of relevant work experience and a bachelor’s degree or twelve (12) years of relevant work experience without a bachelor’s degree. Relevant experience entails working in complex, high-speed and/or challenging field operations in developing countries. At least three (3) years of this experience shall include managing these field operations.

● A minimum of four (4) years of supervisory experience.

● Experience with programs that provide quick delivery of assistance in response to emerging windows of opportunity.

● Experience with grant management.

● Relevant program management experience, including activity design, development, and implementation, with an international development contractor or NGO.

● Demonstrated experience implementing and managing programs in politically sensitive orhighly fluid policy contexts, responding successfully to meet shifting client needs.

● Experience in the hiring and supervision of host country local personnel.

● Fluency in English, French, Arabic, and/or Spanish.

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