Branch Development Delegate

  • Added Date: Tuesday, 31 March 2020
  • Deadline Date: Monday, 13 April 2020


The deployment of this delegate is part of a thematic strategic partnership between ICRC and DRC on branch development, which is based on an overall assumption that National Societies with sustainable volunteer (including youth) driven branches will allow for a more effective service delivery in conflict and crisis situations and ensure that branches can provide relevant and sustainable volunteer (including youth) driven principled service to communities.

Job summary

The Branch Development Delegate is responsible to support development of the South Sudan Red Cross (SSRC) branches, with a primary focus on 6 strategically selected branches and contributes to developing and implementing SSRC Development Objectives, especially the Branch Development Framework, by maintaining and strengthening Red Cross Movement ressources in country. S/he contributes to building positive relationships between the ICRC, the DRC, the SSRC and the other Movement components to promote a coordinated approach to branch development.

This is carried out in partnership with the International Federation of the Red Cross Red Crescent (IFRC) and their work with the SSRC HQ National Society Development (NSD) Department.

Key duties and responsibilities

As part of the partnership with the SSRC and in close coordination with the work done by the IFRC and other Movement partners involved in NSD support, the Branch Development Delegate:

  • Analyses key factors and development needs as well as systemic branch governance and management issues

  • At the regional level within the country, encourages partnership meetings between SSRC branches and ICRC sub structures thus contributing to both the branch planning/budget processes as well as to the ICRC’s internal Planning for Results (PfR) process.

  • Develops the partnership skills of the ICRC substructures and SSRC branches and ensures that all operational staff (field and Juba) within the ICRC are aware of the ICRC’s support to SSRC NSD approach.

  • Advises SSRC’s branches on strengthening compliance with the Fundamental Principles of the Movement and on applying an approach based on neutral, impartial and independent humanitarian action.

  • At the national level, facilitates exchanges of information, experiences and best practices among Movement partners and ensures coordination with the NSD and Branch Development coordination departments at the SSRC HQs.

  • Provides technical input and support to NSD processes and discussions, especially around Branch Development at SSRC HQ level, in coordination with and support from the IFRC. Contributes to good Movement coordination on NSD issues.

  • Contributes to the roll out in the branches of agreed national standards and relevant policies, guidelines and manuals though trainings and coaching of local staff, case studies, peer to peer support etc.

  • Contributes to SSRC initiatives to further develop approaches to volunteer development (including recruitment, motivation and retention initiatives), with support from DRC.

  • Supports SSRC in developing volunteer-based services at branch level that can be as sustainable as possible, including the provision of assistance to the development of local income generating activities.

  • Ensures that SSRC branches provide timely operational and financial reports on a regular basis, provides training and regular coaching in financial management, planning, monitoring and reporting to branch staff and team leaders.

Education and professional experience required

  • Master degree or equivalent experience with emphasis on humanitarian or development issues.

  • Minimum 6-9 years’ work experience in a field relevant to organisational development and/ or capacity development (inside or outside the ICRC).

  • Minimum 3-5 years' experience as Movement Cooperation or international humanitarian work experience with the ICRC or any other Movement Component (NS and/or International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies)

  • Proven credibility in relation to organisational development and capacity enhancement, change management and related aspects.

  • Computer proficiency.


  • Excellent command (spoken and written) of English. Ideally knowledgeable in another ICRC working language (French or Arabic)

Essential skills required

  • Flexible and able to adapt to changing situations and react appropriately.

  • Able to work autonomously, and good planning and organizational skills.

  • Able to establish priorities and work to tight deadlines.

  • Able to function in an insecure and stressful environment with few social outlets.

  • Understanding of security risks and capacity to follow security rules and procedures.

  • Proven interpersonal skills and a strong commitment to a collaborative approach in a multi-cultural team.

  • Strong communication skills, and ability to engage with a variety of stakeholders

Operational and field constraints

  • In line with the principle of neutrality, the DRC/ICRC do not assign personnel to a country of which they are nationals

  • Candidates must possess a manual driving license and experience in driving manual transmission vehicles

  • Candidates must be in good health and will have to do a medical check-up prior to departure in the field.

  • Non-family posting throughout the mission

This vacancy is archived.