Behavioural Insights Consultant

  • Added Date: Wednesday, 07 October 2020
  • Deadline Date: Saturday, 31 October 2020

I. Background Information

In line with the DPPAโ€™s Strategic Plan, the Innovation Cell is exploring opportunities of applying aspects of Behavioural Insights (BI) and Brain and Behavioral Science (BBSci) at large in the peace and security context. While UN peacemakers working in conflict contexts are intuitively applying techniques from psychology and behavioural science in their mediation and preventive diplomacy engagements, we are seeking a more systematic approach to the application of evidence-based BI/BBSci-based techniques. The aim is to better understand and address the parameters of universal human behaviour and tendencies, mindful of unique contextual factors. The ultimate objective is to develop and test new tools for practitioners in the fields of conflict prevention, peacemaking and peacebuilding to advance early warning systems, improve the measurement of peace mediation initiatives, and drive novel peacebuilding interventions. The DPPA Innovation Cell is seeking a BI/BBSci-specialised consultant for analysing the design process and impact of selected DPPA innovation projects, including in terms of building empathy, minimizing biases, achieving inclusivity, and promoting stakeholder ownership. The consultant will conduct empirical and desk research, resulting in an analytical report with suggestions of action points and suggested pilot projects.

II. General Information

Title: Consultant

Sector of Assignment: Conflict resolution, conflict prevention, peace mediation, peacebuilding, political affairs, international relations

Area of expertise: Behavioral science, psychology, sociology

Organization/Office: Innovation Cell (IC), Policy and Mediation Division (PMD), Department of Political and Peacebuilding Affairs (DPPA)

Duty Station: Homebased

Date Required: Any time between 1 November 2020โ€“ 31 January 2021

Duration: minimum 60 days

III. Output Expectations

Under the supervision of the DPPA Innovation Cell, the consultant will carry out the following assignments:

  1. Conduct research on selected programmatic activities of DPPA, including personal interviews, literature review, and other related qualitative and quantitative data collection;

  2. Based on the conduct research results, develop a BI/BBSci-focused analytical report with recommendations on BI/BBSci-informed pilot projects and initiatives;

  3. Deliver an online seminar on BI/BBSci and their application to DPPAโ€™s mandate.

IV. Qualifications/Selection Criteria

  • Minimum of 10 years of work experience in the related field of the consultancy;
  • MA or MS in behavioral science, psychology, sociology or a related field;
  • Consultancy experience in public or private sector interventions related to Behaviroul Insights (BI) and/or Brain and Behavioural Science (BBSci);
  • Specialised expertise using BI/BBSci to inform policy, improve public services, and deliver positive results for people and communities;
  • Fluency in English.

This vacancy is archived.

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