USAID/OFDA Funded “Livestock Emergency Response Program IV” - (LERP IV)

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  • Deadline Date: Monday, 20 May 2019

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Final Evaluation

USAID/OFDA Funded “Livestock Emergency Response Program IV” - (LERP IV)

South Sudan


VSF Germany is an International Non Governmental Organization, providing humanitarian aid and development assistance to pastoralists and vulnerable communities in areas where livestock is of importance. VSF Germany supports in animal health, livestock related agriculture, marketing, food safety, drought responses and mitigation, capacity development of communities and governmental institutions, peace and conflict resolution with the ultimate aim of food security and strengthened livelihoods of pastoralist communities. In the region VSF Germany implements activities in the Republic of South Sudan, Kenya, Sudan, Somalia and Ethiopia. VSF Germany has been supporting pastoral livelihoods in South Sudan since 1998 working with communities in Upper Nile, Jonglei, Warrap, Eastern Equatoria, Western Bar el Ghazal and Lakes States through times of emergency and recovery to sustain, protect and restore livelihoods by direct provision; and capacity building for improved production and productivity, diversified production as well as local peace mechanisms and governance.

VSF-Germany partnering with VSF Suisse with funding from U.S. Agency for International Development’s Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (USAID/OFDA) has been implementing the Livestock Emergency Recovery Program phase four ( LERP IV) in the most conflict affected region of Greater Upper Nile (Jonglei, Upper Nile and Unity States) beginning August 2018 with the aim of contributing to improved food and nutrition security of vulnerable conflict-affected, displaced, and returnee populations in South Sudan. The project design is based on the One Health approach integrating animal health, public health and environmental health.

VSF Germany and its partner intend to evaluate the performance of the program and are seeking the services of qualified and experienced project evaluators.


The purpose of this terminal evaluation is to examine the program performance against the planned results; and specifically:

a) To determine the appropriateness, relevance, efficiency and effectiveness of the veterinary program;

b) To assess the quality and comprehensiveness of the program design and implementation;

c) To document lessons learned, success stories, case studies and perceived and real as well as unmet needs;

d) Generate data and information for subsequent interventions.


Provisionally, the evaluation will cover 8 payams (2 per county) in four randomly selected counties (one from each state and one additional from any one of the state depending on the existing situation) where feasible. It will be conducted in the project areas and will include both beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries. Key evaluation questions will be formulated using the project objectives and indicators, and project quality parameters.


The evaluation design will include participatory evaluation methods and employ a mixed approach with both qualitative and quantitative methods. The consultants will be required to submit a detailed draft evaluation design and methodology which will be reviewed and finalized with the effort of the program personnel.


a) A detailed study design, including methodology, work plan and timeframe;

b) Inception report;

c) A draft report incorporating feedback from the debriefing sessions;

d) A final report incorporating feedback on the draft report (one bound hard copy & electronic copy).


This evaluation is expected to be completed in 25 working days including inception report, desk review, field assessment and report writing. The first draft report will be expected within 10 days after the field exercise is completed. A final version should be submitted within five days of receiving feedback on first draft.


a) The consultancy will be guided, managed and technically advised by the Country Program Manager of VSF Germany;

b) A detailed TOR will be provided to the selected evaluators;

c) The consultancy is technically and administratively fully accountable to VSF Germany;

d) Specific areas for the study will be selected in consultation with VSF’s field staff;

e) Field travel arrangements and immediate supervision will be carried out by VSF Germany & VSF Suisse in their respective areas of operation.


The two-person evaluation team will consist of a team leader who will be a veterinarian and a support researcher who will preferably be an anthropologist or social scientist. Prospective evaluation teams are encouraged to include a mix of gender.

The team should collectively demonstrate the following set of qualities:

a) Experience in carrying out humanitarian evaluations for major donors, international NGO, or international organization.

b) General familiarity with the political and humanitarian context in South Sudan, particularly over the past 5 years

c) Experience in developing or applying protection measures;

d) Extensive practical experience in implementing activities aimed at pastoral livelihood;

e) National consultants are encouraged to apply.

This vacancy is archived.

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