Translators and Editors (Arabic – English)

  • Added Date: Monday, 19 August 2019
  • Deadline Date: Thursday, 31 October 2019

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Since 2014, USAID Takamol has been dedicated to advancing gender equality and women’s empowerment in Jordan. To fulfill anticipated translation and editing needs, USAID Takamol is soliciting applications to update its Prequalified Vendors list of translators and editors. Prequalified Vendors will be eligible to receive task orders with specific scopes of work based on their availability, rates, and technical experience.

USAID Takamol accepts applications considered as pre-qualified translators or editors on an ongoing basis through This procurement will be valid through April 2021, and the total value of translations needs is estimated at approximately 10,000 USD.

Scope of Work

USAID Takamol anticipates the following types of translation needs, from English to Arabic as well as Arabic to English.

· Internal programmatic documents

· Training materials, including Powerpoint presentations, training guides, handouts, and booklets

· Technical policy or research reports

· Public communications

USAID Takamol anticipates the following types of editing needs

· Simple proofreading of reports and communication products in Arabic to ensure writing is error-free with accurate spelling and grammar.

· Proofreading and verifying the accuracy of translations between English and Arabic versions.

· In-depth editing of reports and communication products in Arabic, not only ensuring the accuracy of spelling and grammar but also editing for clarity and readability. Examples of subject areas include but are not limited to gender issues, economic empowerment, political empowerment, legal frameworks, and inclusive education.

Some documents may require a need for using precise gender-sensitive language or legal terminology. Other documents should use simple, easy to understand language. No technical specialty is required, but applicants are encouraged to note any specialization in the type of fields or materials they have experience translating. Experience ensuring gender-sensitive language is used is strongly preferred.

Level of Effort and Timeframe

Each task order will define the number of words or pages to be translated. The level of effort for tasks may range, for example, from one to 40 pages. Each task order will define the target timeline for completion. The timeframe for task orders may range from 2 days to several weeks depending on the product, but short deadline translations are also sometimes required with 24 hour turnarounds.

Consultant Qualifications

Interested applicants may submit their application to be considered as a translator, editor, or both. Takamol will evaluate applications based on overall price, experience, and demonstrated translations. Individual consultants or translation firms may apply, however firms must submit the application materials for individual translators.

· For translators: At least two years experience providing translation between Arabic and English or English and Arabic.

· For editors: At least two years experience providing professional-level editing services in Arabic and English.

· Located in Jordan is preferred but not required

· Relevant past experience with development projects and gender equality is an advantage.

In addition to the qualifications above, the quality of submitted samples will be evaluated. Before the first assignment, each translator or editor will be asked to complete one page as a sample for review before a contract is extended.

This vacancy is archived.

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