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  • Deadline Date: Monday, 12 November 2018

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About Be Girl

Be Girl is a social enterprise whose mission is empowerment by design. We create beautiful, innovative, and affordable products that enable proper care, understanding, and celebration of the female body. By unlocking the power that comes with knowledge, girls everywhere can have the opportunity to achieve their infinite potential. For more information, please see

About the Project

Be Girl has received funding to test its SmartCycle® menstruation education methodology at scale with 20,000 adolescents in at least two countries. Through this project, Be Girl seeks to examine adolescent health from a new perspective, asking: What if preventative reproductive health education could be positive, empowering, and even fun? Be Girl will test both the manual and digital platforms of its SmartCycle® Menstrual Educational Tool to generate valuable learning around the precise products and education strategies that are most effective in reaching different segments of adolescents, specifically those from different age-groups and locations.

We have 3 learning questions to test through this approach:

1) Does a complete menstrual health package, including quality products, education, and educational tools, remove barriers to girls’ participation in daily activities and society?

2) Is the SmartCycle® digital learning tool an effective method for improving MHM knowledge retention among adolescents? Is it more or less effective than the manual version of the SmartCycle®? What are the determining factors (age, smartphone access, digital literacy, etc.)?

3) When adolescents have a basic scientific knowledge of menstruation, are they more inclined to consider using family planning methods?

Purpose of the Assignment

Be Girl is seeking a highly experienced researcher to serve as a research advisor for this project. This consultant will develop a learning plan, provide guidance for the development of data collection tools, and provide ongoing high-level support to guide the collection and analysis of data.

Scope of Work

· Become familiar with Be Girl’s SmartCycle® tool and menstruation education methodology;

· Develop a learning plan that includes study design, methodology, sampling strategy, data collection strategy, and data analysis plan;

· Work closely with the Be Girl team and provide ongoing high-level support for the revision of a learning plan to suit the specific contexts of implementation.

Deliverables and Timeline

The table below provides an overview of the expected timeline:

Deliverable/Due Date**

First draft of the learning plan: Monday, December 3, 2018

Final draft of the learning plan and data collection tools: Monday, December 31, 2018

Qualifications/ Experiences

· 5-10 years of experience in designing and implementing health-related quantitative and qualitative research;

· Strong skills in designing evaluations in adolescent health projects including identifying appropriate evaluation questions, designing appropriate methods, data analysis, synthesis, interpretations, report writing and presentation;

· Strong background in field research in health programming;

· Well-organized, detail-oriented, and able to handle tasks with minimal supervision;

· Motivated self-starter with strong time management skills;

· Strong commitment to human rights and gender equity, with cross-cultural experience and cultural sensitivity required.

Be Girl Values

Be Girl is deeply committed to gender equity and maintaining a positive and empowering brand for girls and women everywhere. Our values are integrity, community, inspiration, choices, and learning. All Be Girl team members should aspire to embrace the organization’s core values in all aspects of their work.

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