Software Engineer (GIS) (84601)

  • Added Date: Sunday, 01 July 2018

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Activity 1 of the WFP Indonesia Country Programme in Indonesia will “support the Government in collecting and analysing food security and nutrition data for optimum policies and programmes.” The purpose of the assignment is to provide support to WFP Indonesia’s Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping (VAM) Unit as it strengthens the government’s efforts in this area.

The Government of Indonesia seeks cooperation with WFP on the 2015-2019 National Medium-Term Development Plan policy directions iii) improve the quality of food consumed and nutrition by promoting balanced diets, and iv) mitigate the effects of disasters on food security. Strategic Outcome 1 of the WFP Country Programme 200914 includes Activity 1: Support the Government in collecting and analysing data on food security and nutrition for optimum policies and programmes.

In response to the 2015/2016 El Niño drought, WFP Indonesia explored the use of technologies for innovative food security monitoring, to provide rapid access to information on the impact of current drought on food security situation, to prevent malnutrition and food insecurity from worsening, and ultimately to save lives. Building on its online Food Security and Vulnerability Atlas, a geographic profile of food and nutrition security across Indonesia, WFP in partnership with the UN Global Pulse Lab Jakarta initiated a pilot project to bring different data streams into a single interactive map-based platform- Vulnerability Analysis Monitoring Platform for the Impact of Regional Events (VAMPIRE). VAMPIRE, capable of automatically ingesting, processing, and visualizing near real-time data, is dramatically accelerating the ability to take informed actions. The platform can be utilized to understand the evolving nature of climate weather patterns like El Niño in near-real time, to better target response to vulnerable populations.

The system was integrated in the early warning system of the Executive Office of the President of the Republic of Indonesia. In cooperation with WFP Sri Lanka, the system was adapted to the context in Sri Lanka, and installed in the Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Disaster Management systems.

WFP has continued to develop VAMPIRE in Indonesia, expanding to other hydro-meteorological hazards and functionality for end-users. The system needs to be adapted for a sub-national use, fine tuning the early warning thresholds, notifications, and the connection to response options.

In addition, analysis produced in the system is relevant for countries across the Asia-Pacific region that experiencing regular or seasonal floods and drought. Assessment of drought or flood extent is frequently requested and needs to be handled manually. A regional platform, providing an easy access to the timely data and analysis on weather and its impact would benefit these countries, and free valuable human resources required for manual generation of these products. The VAMPIRE system needs to be packaged as a product capable of being instantiated in additional countries.


Under the direct supervision of the Head of VAM Indonesia, the incumbent will be responsible for the following duties:

System Developer Technical Responsibilities

  1. Provide expertise on Information Technology (IT) and software engineering to support VAMPIRE and relevant projects;
  2. Analyse user requirements based on project needs;
  3. Main developer of VAMPIRE platform including automating data collection, cleaning, spatial analysis, visualization and dissemination through web front-end;
  4. Install, manage and maintain VAMPIRE development and production servers including data infrastructure, GIS server, system software and website;
  5. Plan, design and implement new functionality, spatial analysis products and visualisations for the VAMPIRE platform;
  6. Implement automated testing of software components and manage versioning;
  7. Manage packaging of the system for regional roll-out ensuring maintainability;
  8. Produce relevant technical documentation and user guidelines;
  9. Prepare resources and conduct training sessions for both technical and non-technical users;
  10. Provide general analytical support to the WFP VAM team in Indonesia.



Bachelor degree in GIS, Computer Science or Data Science with significant coursework in software development / programming.


  • Minimum of 5 years of professional working experience in software development, and able to demonstrate skills and knowledge;
  • Minimum of 3 years experience in development of spatial analysis or GIS applications including proven expertise in developing and publishing web-based GIS applications;
  • Minimum of 2 years experience in developing and managing database management systems, including directly accessing databases to create efficient and dynamic GIS applications (particularly PostgreSQL and PostGIS);
  • Proven expertise (and ability to demonstrate) in programming/scripting in Python is mandatory (Arcpy experience is an advantage);
  • Experience in developing on multiple operating systems (Linux and Windows a must) and with open-source software libraries;
  • Proven and demonstrable expertise in setting up and managing GIS servers including ArcGIS Server and GeoServer;
  • Experienced in working with Python GIS libraries, toolkits and APIs including numpy, gdal, pandas, rasterio, arcpy and R statistics;
  • Experience using and managing version control systems such as Git, GitHub and automated testing and documentation systems.

Knowledge & Skills:

  • Interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Ability to work effectively both independently and in geographically dispersed teams;
  • Experience with or interest in international humanitarian organizations (UN and International NGOs).


  • Fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and English (including written);

Deadline of applications: 26 June 2018.

Female candidates are encouraged to apply.

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