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  • Added Date: Wednesday, 11 January 2017
  • Deadline Date: Wednesday, 01 February 2017

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Established in 2008, the Climate Investment Funds (CIF) represent the first effort by the international community to place a significant amount of resources in a dedicated funding vehicle to support developing and emerging economies in adopting a low carbon and climate resilient development trajectory.

The $8.3 billion Climate Investment Funds (CIF) is providing 72 developing and middle income countries with urgently needed resources to manage the challenges of climate change and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Since 2008, the CIF has been leading efforts to empower transformations in the energy, climate resilience, transport and forestry sectors.

CIF concessional financing offers flexibility to test new business models and approaches, build track records in unproven markets, and boost investor confidence to unlock additional finance from other sources, particularly the private sector and the multilateral development banks that implement CIF funding. Total CIF pledges of $8.3 billion are expected to attract an additional $58 billion of co-financing for a portfolio of over 300 projects and counting.

Most recently, looking to the future, CIF’s trust fund committee members have invited a thorough review of CIF with a view to making the funds even more effective as a mechanism for deploying public finance to accelerate the flow of capital into climate-related activities.

The CIF’s success is premised on a solid partnership with national governments, citizen groups and communities, private sector sponsors, the CIF governing bodies, and the five multilateral development banks that serve as co-financiers and implementing agencies of the CIF.

At the center of this collaboration is the CIF Administrative Unit (AU), a 30-person secretariat hosted by the World Bank in Washington, D.C. The CIF AU supports the work of the CIF governing bodies, manages internal and external institutional relations, supports strategy, policy and program development, and oversees the CIF corporate management systems.

The Senior Communications Officer will develop and lead the implementation of CIF's global communications program. S/He reports to the Program Manager and works closely with the Secretariat’s team including staff responsible for relations with the CIF governing bodies, stakeholder outreach, global support program, knowledge management, private sector engagement, and results management. The Senior Communications Officer is a member of the communications team of the World Bank’s Climate Change Practice, and part of the larger Sustainable Development communications family.

Note: If the selected candidate is a current Bank Group staff member with a Regular or Open-Ended appointment, s/he will retain his/her Regular or Open-Ended appointment. All others will be offered a 2 year term appointment.

Duties and Accountabilities:

Design, advice, and co-ordinate the implementation of effective print, digital and broadcast media outreach and relations to position the CIF effectively, as well as lead broader partnerships and influencing work:

Maintain strong relationships with key influential journalists, publications and digital outlets, meeting and interacting with them regularly and making sure they are kept fully up-to-date on CIF news and issues. Seek opportunities for senior CIF stakeholders to provide interviews or background briefings as appropriate, in close consultation with the CIF Program Manager. Develop communications plans and effective briefings for all major launches and initiatives to ensure well-informed media coverage. Provide advice, guidance and training on media relations issues and strategy to CIF staff.

Provide the vision and leadership to drive a multi-platform communications and external engagement approach, manage strategic projects and events, and execute them to successful delivery:

Lead on CIF positioning and messaging for maximum impact. Ensure CIF's participation in high-level events is strategic, coherent, on-message, and enhances the CIF's overall brand. Map out all media and engagement opportunities where CIF messages can be channeled, identifying target audiences. Serve as the final quality control function of CIF products, coordinating where relevant with external consultants (for design and print) as well as with internal staff thereby ensuring all products are well-presented, results and action oriented, informative, clear and concise. Publications and Knowledge Products: Direct and oversee publicizing the unit's knowledge products according to protocol and best practices within required timeframes; guide the publications function in terms of copyediting and review, graphic design and publicizing. Generate and supervise others to generate internal communications such as presentations, talking points, briefing notes, backgrounders etc. and ensure external communication products are effectively disseminated.

Contribute to effective monitoring, assessment and management of reputational risks CIF-wide including horizon-scanning flagging risks early, and managing and mitigating them:

Monitor media coverage of the CIF and issues of interest to the CIF, informing colleagues within the CIF and across MDBs and governments, advising on responses and communications strategies as appropriate and build a comprehensive picture of the levels of interest and influence of individual media outlets. Monitor all reporting and communications output from CSOs and other key stakeholders to identify potential risk issues at the earliest opportunity. Contribute to the discussion and development of risk mitigation and management strategies. Implement tools and tactics to anticipate and manage risk and reputational issues.

Project Management, Team Management and Line-Management: Direct and oversee the planning, development and implementation of specialized projects within the required timeframes and budgets while coordinating these projects within a long-term positioning strategy. Monitor and guide team members' performance. Determine priorities, assign responsibilities and supervise staff within project work in conjunction with the task giver of the project:

Lead on external events or internal projects, ranging from high-level engagement at the multilateral level to process-managing governance papers for CIF's Trust Fund Committees. Have overall accountability for management of CIF’s online channels (website and social media). Ensure prompt response to requests from internal clients, press, partners and target audiences. Line-manage a team, fostering a sense of togetherness and building a shared vision. Task-manage short-term staff as required.
Selection Criteria:
The Senior Communications Officer ideally meets the following criteria:
o Strong Professional Background in the Media Field, Other Communications Professions or Civil Society, with Significant International Development Experience

• Master’s degree (or equivalent) in media and communication, journalism, public relations, economics, development studies, social sciences, public affairs or related field, plus eight or more years of directly relevant work experience in any of the above disciplines in organizations working on communication (e.g., in government, public relations, CSO or media), or

• A relevant Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) and at least 13 years of directly relevant experience.

• Expertise in specific climate or international development-related area (e.g., education, health, finance etc.) and knowledge of the international climate picture

• Knowledge of the multilateral system and its activities also an advantage.

o Specific Knowledge of the global Media Environment and general knowledge of key media outlets

• Broad and in-depth knowledge and understanding of the economy, culture, institutions, media, regions and political trends globally

• Solid familiarity with both print & broadcast media
• Broad contact network for media.

o State-of-the-art Knowledge and Skills in Communications and Public Affairs

• Substantial experience in communications and international development.

• Demonstrated analytical and writing ability in English.

• Strong public speaking abilities and experience, including ability to persuasively present and defend sometimes controversial issues/positions.

• Dynamic and outgoing personality with effective communication and networking abilities.

• Sensitivity in multi-cultural environments and good diplomatic manner.

• Ability to disseminate information effectively and strategically.

o Attitude to Work and Interpersonal Skills

• Self-starter personality and the ability to work independently as well as effectively under pressure, and to juggle multiple tasks within tight deadlines.

• Strong planning and organizational skills.

• Strong team player, willing to work as part of a small team, and to lead or follow, depending on the needs of the team.

• Proven ability to effectively interact and collaborate with internal and external clients at all levels.

o Language and Technology Skills

• Excellent command of verbal and written English. Knowledge of other languages a major advantage.

• Full proficiency in the use of modern office technology (e.g., Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and familiarity with the Internet and web-based searches.


• Communication Strategy and Execution in International Development - Assist, consult, or lead others in the planning, development, and execution of communication strategies for complex projects. Interacts effectively with higher-level stakeholders/audiences to build consensus on difficult issues.

• Social Media, Information Channels, and Communication Tools Awareness - Assists, consults, or leads others in assuring existing or communication tools and media channels as well as Knowledge Management products are fully leveraged. Leads the development of expertise in this competency in others.

• Access to Information Policy - Leverages the CIF's Access to Information Policy when advising in areas related to information dissemination. Takes steps to mitigate resulting risks and capitalize on opportunities.

• Content Development and Editing - Leads others in content development, writing, and editing of complex communication. Helps manage the resourcing of content and product development activities. Is recognized as a subject matter.

• Relationship Management, Political Awareness and Diplomacy - Manages critical communication and reputational issues pertaining to the CIF's relations. Mentors others and is recognized as expert in managing critical relationships. Advises senior management and contributes to mitigation of reputational risk.

• Client Understanding and Advising - Advises the client and helps them think proactively about how to best meet their current and future needs, taking into consideration the real underlying issues that the client may not be aware of.

• Broad Business Thinking - Maintains a deep understanding of key business issues and the broader ramifications of decisions. Engages business leaders in the identification of medium-term business solutions.

Publication Management - Contributes to the development of expertise in this competency in others. Demonstrates broad, in-depth proficiency sufficient to be recognized as an authority/expert in subject matter.
• Marketing, Distribution, and Business Development - Provides strategic vision for business plan designs and marketing strategies. Demonstrates experience in managing and integrating complex marketing and distribution programs. Mentors, motivates, and supervises staff to achieve innovation.

• Online Production Tools - Demonstrates broad, in-depth proficiency sufficient to be recognized as an authority or master performer in applying web technologies and graphic design principles; recognized authority/expert in subject matter area.

• Intelligence Analysis - Leverages business analytics to advise Management on political and economic developments. Can assist or lead others in understanding the social, political, and development environment.

• Online Performance Measurement and Impact Analysis - In-depth proficiency sufficient to account for online usage, trends and analysis results; can measure the effectiveness of existing online communications strategies or to design new ones.

• Shareholder and Stakeholder Engagement - Conducts and develops Shareholder and Stakeholder engagement.

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