Request for Proposal For Producing communication materials for 40th anniversary celebration of Plan International Nepal

  • Added Date: Thursday, 15 March 2018
  • Deadline Date: Tuesday, 27 March 2018

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Terms of Reference

  1. Background
    Plan International Nepal is an independent development and humanitarian organisation that advanceschildren’s rights and equality for girls. Plan International Nepal has been working in Nepal since 1978,helping marginalised children, their families and communities to access their rights to health, education,economic security and protection. Through the support of local partners, Plan International Nepal worksin 42 districts in Nepal.
    Plan International Nepal aims to achieve lasting improvements in the quality of life of deprived children indeveloping countries, through a process that unites people across cultures and adds meaning and value totheir lives. Plan International Nepal at present has its regular programs in Sunsari, Morang, Rautahat,Sindhuli, Banke and Bardiya districts and specific projects in Dang, Kailali, Kanchanpur, Baglung, Myagdi,Parbat, Sankhuwasabha, Dhankuta, Saptari, Siraha, Dhanusha, Mahottari, Sarlahi, Bara, Parsa,Nawalparasi, Rupandehi, Dolpa, Bajhang, Bajura, Darchula, Achham, Baitadi, Dadeldhura, Doti, Dailekh,Jajarkot, Rolpa, Pyuthan, Rukum, Salyan and Surkhet districts. Plan International Nepal also has itsearthquake response programs in four of the earthquake affected districts; Dolakha, Sindhupalchowk,Makwanpur and Sindhuli.
    Plan International Nepal will complete its 40 years of service in Nepal on 1st of May 2018. On thisoccasion, Plan International Nepal is going to celebrate its success and presence by organising various events across the areas where we work with children, young people, and communities. The 40th Anniversary will be a milestone to launch our new country strategy that has particular focus on movement for girls with key targets to impact 1 million girls and 10 million children in the period of five year. The celebration of the 40th Anniversary will provide a foundation to talk about the Plan International, shine its images and highlight of the work and memories of its employees. With this context, Plan International Nepal is going to produce few communications materials targeting mostly to Nepalese public showing the strong presence of Plan International in Nepal and getting the public support in our cause. Therefore, the Terms of Reference (TOR) has been prepared for producing the key communications materials as consultancy assignment.

  2. Purpose of the assignment
    The overall purpose of the consultancy is to produce key public communication materials about the 40 year long journey of Plan International in Nepal for diverse audiences that Plan International works. Mainly- video, poster and anniversary logo. All of these products should be attention grabbing, positive and engaging and should prove our strong presence in Nepal for children, communities and nation.

  3. Scope of work
    The consultant team should produce high quality key communications materials under the guidance of the Communication Manager and 40th Anniversary celebration team. The products include videos, poster and logos that follows and respect Plan International's Safeguarding child protection policy. These materials are used to promote the images of the organisation showing its dedication in Nepal. The materials will be used for communication and disseminating to diverse audiences such as visitors, donors, staff, partner agency, and community people including children, adolescents and youth.

  4. Methodology;
     Gather information from various teams at Plan International Nepal for text, videos, photos,
    publication, report etc. and through the meeting with thematic leads at its Country Office
     Draft the story board, script for all key videos before the actual filming, propose the story board before doing the actual filming and get consent from its team members.
     Present the ideas of poster at team and collect feedback for finalisation
     The draft poster developed in consultation with programme and communications, need to be
    tested before its public release, any feedback needs to be incorporated.
     Interview Plan International Nepal's staff after adequate briefing and preparation for the actuality
     The team should attend/organise regular meeting for the discussion to give the shape for all
     All communications product should be reviewed from gender and inclusive lens
     For the staff video, the team should travel to field (Makwnapur, Biratnagar, Banke)

  5. Output/deliverables:

a. Improvisation of 40th anniversary logo

  • Anniversary logo is the key visual element for the 40th Anniversary of Plan International Nepal that will be used throughout the year in all the events Plan International supports and host. The logo ideas will be gathered through a drawing competition among the adolescents in one of the working areas in Plan International. The collected drawings will be provided to consultant artist to further improvise and make a final one as anniversary logo. The logo will be used in all communications products (letter head, email banner, events banners. TV and any other public communications product) , therefore it should be appealing with appropriate colour and other brand elements. A short guidelines need to be developed in Nepali language to provide and share during the drawing competitions to the girls (aged 15-24). The logo should:
    o include Plan International logo with standard colour
    o show 40th Years in Nepal
    o reflect some key words
    The final logo should be submitted at pdf, jpg, png file.

b. Poster production_ 40th anniversary The poster should show clearly that Plan International Nepal is marking its 40th Anniversary. It should include some creative articulation to draw attention of its viewers/audiences. The logo mark should reflect the core values/principal of Plan International and its dedication to children. The poster should have minimal content with strong presence of graphics/visuals- in order to grab the attention of its intended audiences.
What the poster should look like or tell:
 Size; Multiple with flexibility to print in A4, A5, B5 and banners – Vertical in layout
 Colour; multicolour (Plan International's brand colour)
 Our inspiration working with Nepali children and their communities since last 40 years in Nepal
 Our staff's dedication to support children in Nepal
 Our journey – showing 4 decades in Nepal
 Graphic or photo should support to the poster with clear mark of anniversary logo, with vibrant
photo (Photo may be needed to take to fit fur the purpose)
 Should have incorporated Plan International brand elements
 A strong tag line (slogan) supporting our 4 decades and our commitment to children in Nepal
 The final poster should be send as pdf, jpg and original file to Plan International Nepal Office.
 Languages; Nepali and English
 Quantity – 1 (but with two version - English and Nepali)

c. 40th Anniversary TV spot production The TV spot is the another key public communications product which should tell its public about the history of Plan International Nepal, its work to promote and protect the rights of children since the day one it began its operation. The spot should strongly show the core values of organisation and work needs to be reflected. The TV spot should also create a sense of pride among its working communities, staff, partners and ultimate convince to the officials of various other stakeholders including government. Two short TV spots have been planned:
 TV spot-1
 Duration: 2 minute (longer version) – Nepali audiences; general public;
 The 2 minute TV spot should be a mix of narration, subtitle, bites and outstanding visuals-showing the courage, inspiration and motivation. High quality visuals needed to shoot and may be used some from the archive.
 Audiences: the participants of public events, workshop and meeting and visitors
 Language: Nepali and English both (depending on the video, narration could be included)

The TV spot should show our long history in Nepal, showing our dedication and passion for working
with children, should have few historical traces, and present focus learning from the past.
Visuals and audio should be high-quality.
Graphics should be added to support the visual and text.
A new music track creation (no other music track) should work as signature tune for all videos/TV spot
Some strong/catchy bites from community, young girls and Plan International staff. Action of Plan
International staff in community/field (If there are no adequate footage, it needs to be collected).
Should include the logo at the end with highlighting anniversary logo.
Should represent the multi culture and ethnicity as Plan International Nepal works with diverse people
and geography in Nepal. The TV spot also should show the children with disabilities and how they
have benefitted from Plan Internationals' projects and their feelings. The brand aspects of Plan
International should adequately be represented/reflected
 Not limiting with the above, the creative producer may suggest more for value adding ideas for
making a strong TV spot.
 TV spot -2: Duration 30 second (Condensed version)
the shorter version- is for both English and Nepali. The most of the visual will be same as of 2
minute long spot. Wording or subtitle may needs to be changed. The uses of the shorter version of
TV spot is for TV channels and social media tools. Should help to establish a key strong message.
While producing all communications materials, the team should abide by all the four values of Plan
International which needs to be represented.

d. Staff video (4 minutes long)
Plan International Nepal has about 300 staff working in its country office and field. All the staff are our
working ambassador and supporting to bring the changes in the lives of children and communities
through their numbers of different actions and functions. The staff video should show their
dedication, passion working with plan through interview/talk or visuals. It should be able to explain
their reasons for working and the change they see from their perspective through a story telling
approach. The video should focus Plan International Nepal's staff on why they work for Plan
International Nepal, the programmes we undertake in Nepal and what motivates staff to continue
working to help vulnerable children. The videos should apply appropriate creative ways while delivering their talk, story and actions. Male and female both staff should be represented, having the
most exciting, outstanding stories and anecdotes that represent the longest history, faced challenging
situation that inspires its viewers to appreciate the staff contribution and make a choice for
employee's to work with Plan International for taking action to support the children and their
The video should be but not limited:
 Maximum 4 minute long
 Actions of staff in various events/work/levels/community engagement
 Other elements: graphics as per need

E. Long video (40 Years in Nepal)
The long video should tell some of the key achievements/stories that Plan International Nepal was successful to for bringing change at various levels and sectors since it began its work in Nepal. The primary audiences of the documentary are the general public (many of the public may not be aware about Plan International too,) therefore the documentary should show our history in Nepal, showing our dedication and passion for working with children, should have few historical traces, and present focus learning from the past. It should be no more than 10 minutes long which should have the following elements but not limited:

  • Show/cover the good/remarkable examples of 40 years by the work of Plan International in Nepal
  • Some of the past videos footage/photos can be also used
  • The long video should tell about the journey of Plan International in Nepal
  • It should have the voices of various stakeholders (government, partners, community, young people,former sponsored child, staff and many others who could share their experiences, opinion as per the story board)
  • Should be in English (later it can be translated into Nepali)
  • A creative production with incorporation: graphics, photos, and visual and narration.
  • A historical trace out (as much as possible) of the work/progress
  • Should explain how the previous experiences guiding Plan International's current programmes and work
  • In consultation with programme team, key staff, longest serving staff and programme documents, the good work needs to be explored and agreed further.
  • A thorough quick desk survey needs to be carried out in order to develop the story board before the filming and interview.
  • A list (government, NGOs, INGOs) needs to be prepared based on the discussion with programme team for short interview to include and acknowledgement of the work done by Plan International Nepal
  • A catchy names for the documentary to be added

Targeted audiences;

Visitors, donors, staff, general public, community people including children, adolescents, youth.

  1. Final Deliverables

  2. Improvised 40th Anniversary Logo in all formats (described as above)

  3. TV spot – (2 minute long- and 30 second: HD quality for the use in meeting, workshop and interaction) – one for social media uses in all formats (AVI and MP4) including clean version of each of them as well as final script.

  4. A poster (Nepali and English Version):

  5. Staff video (4 minute long)

  6. A documentary – 10 minute (a key video on 40th anniversary)

  7. Time frame and estimated working days
    The selected consultant is expected to complete the assignment as below:

  8. Logo improvisation: April 20, 2018

  9. TV Spot 2 minute: April 20, 2018

  10. TV spot 30 second: April 25, 2018

  11. Poster: April 15, 2018

  12. Staff Video: May 15, 2018

  13. Long Documentary: June 15, 2018

  14. Consultant’s Qualifications and experiences
     The consultant team (all proposed members) should have at least 10 years (or above) of work
    experience in creative video and public communications productions including proficient command
    over English and Nepali languages. The team leader should have master degree in communications
    having strong background and outstanding production of public communications materials.
     The consultant team should have knowledge/experience of making creative multimedia content
    especially, TV spot, short commercials, anniversary videos and related publications.
     Significant experience in writing, editing and documenting best practices, human interest stories for
    different audience; global, national and community.
     Demonstration ability (through previous similar assignments- anniversary video; communications
    materials productions)
     Excellent knowledge, experiences and skills in producing short but creative videos for diverse
    audience, (If any award winning productions- that would be an asset)
     Able to coordinate with team members to produce materials as indicated
     The team should have creative heads to write the script, direct the documentary of videos that fits
    into our given time frame.
     The team should have proven ability in producing videos for global audiences; (send the copies for
    reference- the best two only)
     The team should have own equipment's and editing labs and should be able to work on tight deadline without losing the quality.
     The team should have the capacity to work on all products side by side without hampering/delaying in producing the product.

  15. Ethical and child protection statements:
    Child protection is a term used to describe the responsibilities and activities undertaken to prevent or to stop children being abused or ill-treated. It is Plan’s duty and responsibility to reduce the risks of abuse to the children who we have contact with and keep them safe from harm. Plan’s Child Protection Policy, “Say Yes to keeping children safe”, is Plan’s overriding framework to protect children who come into contact with Plan International employees, volunteers, partner organizations and individuals, including consultants, who are working on behalf of Plan International. The consultant should include statements in the proposal on how he or she will ensure ethics and child protection during the commencement of the assignment and during the field work. The consultant should also specify other ethical protocols to be followed during the due course of the evaluation. The consultant is expected to take consent of the respondents and/or children’s guardian before taking photographs and ask if their photographs, verbatim or case stories could be used in report and for public dissemination. Such consent must be documented and submitted to Plan International Nepal along with the final report.

  16. Supervision
    The Communication Manager will be the focal person and supervise the overall process of the production and regularly monitors the progress and work as the first contact for the selected consultant team. The consultant team will work closely with the various team at Plan International Nepal, especially with Programme Team, Celebration Team and the field team, if there is need to travel to field. Plan International relevant staff will accompany with the team to support for linkage with them for
    rapport building or renew its association with them for a quality production.

11.Cost and Payment
The consultant should submit the total budget in the proposal with detail breakdown including applicable taxes. 40% amount will be paid immediately after signing of the agreement, 40% will be paid after submission of the final product and remaining 30% will be paid after the approval of final product. The final product will be reviewed by Plan International Nepal.

  1. Intended users:
    The products will be used in the various of events of celebration of 40th anniversary of Plan International Nepal at different occasions. The user of the products mostly are communications, programme people for varieties of events and occasion. These products will be released in various communications outlets such as TV, social media tools, meetings, interactions and gatherings.

  2. Rights to Copyright
    The produced materials shall be the absolute property of Plan International and ownership shall
    automatically vest in Plan International so all the copy right will be with Plan International Nepal.
    Materials (photo, videos) collected during the field trip cannot be used by any other parties other than
    Plan International. The consultant irrevocably and unconditionally waives in favor of Plan International any moral rights that may exist in any of the works or materials, provided that Plan International uses all
    reasonable endeavors to ensure that the consultant (videographer, photographer is credited in all
    appropriate uses of a photograph provided as part of the service, provided that Plan International shall
    not be in breach of contract if credit(s) are accidentally omitted.

Download full ToR from the link below

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