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About Mayday Rescue

Mayday Rescue is an organisation, founded in November 2014; its mission is to support efforts that save lives and strengthen communities. Mayday Rescue achieves its mission by providing support to local communities entering, enduring, or emerging from conflicts. A principal focus of our effort is on the provision of support to Syria Civil Defence (The White Helmets), a volunteer organisation working to save the lives of civilians in Syria. They have saved the lives of more than 80,000 people since March 2013.

Mayday Rescue in support of Syria Civil Defence

Since the end of 2012, the Syrian Regime has been conducting aerial and ground bombardment of civilian communities that are not under its direct control. In March 2013, volunteer community groups self-formed to respond. International donors supported requests from community leaders to fund the training and equipping of volunteer teams, which over time developed into one body, Syria Civil Defence (SCD). As of February 2017, there are over 3,100 active volunteers operating through more than 100 Civil Defence teams, serving a population of over 6 million civilians in 9 governorates.

To date SCD volunteers have rescued over 80,000 lives. In October 2014, SCD adopted a Statement of Principles, which commits them to inclusiveness, impartiality, and humanity. Mayday has supported the growth of Syria Civil Defence from a single local rescue team of 25 volunteers in March 2013, to a nationwide organisation of over 3,000 volunteers operating from over 100 Civil Defence teams, and including organisational units supporting the operations on the ground.

Public relations training focus and scope

Organisationally, SCD has an elected board of directors, executive offices (human resources, finance, legal, IT, training, etc.), directorates (corresponding to the nine governorates where SCD operates), sectors (multiple within each directorate), and one or more centres within each sector. This structure spans across Aleppo, Idlib, Latakia, Hama, Homs, Damascus, Damascus Countryside, Quneitra and Daraa.

Trainings in this project will be conducted with staff whose tasks relate mainly to media and public relations. This will include members of the board of directors and media office staff at the national level, and possibly some from directorate and sector levels. Trainings will aim to build the capacity of the SCD in managing their media and advocacy work, and formalizing their public relations to improve SCD’s visibility and relations to fully support the organization’s operations.

The public relations training series should consist of a series of workshops that focus on the following topics:

Media strategy development and management

Public relations and public speaking skills

A series of workshops (3-4) should be designed to cover these topics, with some overlap, and where each workshop builds on and continues from the previous ones, as the group that receives the training would be expected to be the same throughout. All training materials, including written materials, should be delivered in Arabic.

The training can be conducted either in Turkey or in Syria (Idlib or Aleppo). If conducted in Turkey, the number of workshops should be as low as possible, as most of the beneficiaries are expected to come from Syria, but should be spaced enough to ensure that training materials are utilised by the beneficiaries in their work and evaluated. Mayday Rescue will be responsible for securing training facilities and resources, and will cover all training-related expenses, including travel and accommodations. Mayday Rescue will not be responsible for expenses related to travel to/from Syria; candidates applying to train inside Syria are expected to be based or have offices inside Syria.


Mayday Rescue anticipates an initial services agreement of 6 months, April – September 2017.


An initial comprehensive plan of the workshops, with high levels agendas / topics, with a timeframe / schedule. Additionally, for each workshop there should be a pre-workshop plan, curriculum, and agenda, which should be reviewed and discussed with Mayday’s organizational development mentor, as well as a post-workshop report to reflect on the outcomes of the workshop.

A final report of all the workshops should provide an assessment of the beneficiaries and recommendations for additional areas of focus for further media and public relations capacity building. At the end of the workshops, the beneficiaries should be able to, with guidance from the consultant, generate a strategy that guides SCD media, advocacy, and public relations, and that is commensurate with SCD’s vision and mission. All trainings and training materials delivered to beneficiaries should be delivered in Arabic, reports should be provided in both Arabic and English.

Please note that a capacity assessment of SCD has been conducted previously, and the results will be shared with the consultants to utilize in workshop planning.

Assessment criteria

All complete proposals submitted within deadline will be assessed by a panel against the following criteria:

Technical proposal (50%)

Financial proposal (35%)

Risk indicators conflict of interest and reputation/references

Communications (5%)

Mayday will assess the Technical proposal of candidates based on technical competence, comparative qualification of staff, and previous experience conducting similar workshops.

Please be sure to include the following:

Previous training experiences, highlighting media and public relations training

Description of the process of planning and conducting media and public relations trainings

The Financial proposal must be submitted within the template provided s per below link:

Please upload it along with your Resume

The assessment of proposals will be done within two weeks from the date of RFP publication. Any clarification requests from Mayday shall be exclusively done in writing and responses shall also be in writing. No amendments to the original submission can be made once the assessment process has begun.

Submission Terms and Contact

Submission package should contain the following:

Technical proposal.

Financial proposal as per LINK template

Menu-type list of training activities and pricing

Contact for two references (for each staff member, if multiple).

Sample training agenda / curriculum.

Resumes of staff expected to be part of the training and anticipated level of effort.

Deadline: Please submit proposal to by Wednesday, 8 March 2017, 6:00pm Istanbul time (GMT+3). Whether or not your proposal is successful, you will be notified of our decision by Monday 13 March 2017 at the latest.

Feel free to email Dima Moussa, with any questions until the deadline.

This vacancy is archived.

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