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  • Added Date: Wednesday, 11 January 2017
  • Deadline Date: Wednesday, 01 February 2017

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Since gaining independence from France in 1960, Chad, a landlocked country in central Africa, has been plagued by instability stemming from internal rivalries between ethnic groups, conflicts in neighboring countries, and environment degradation, the impacts of climate change through desertification and the accelerated drying up of Lake Chad.

Chad joined the list of oil-producing countries in 2003, and since then, its economy has become heavily dependent on oil. The Chadian economy, which was predominately agrarian, saw its gross domestic product per capita (GDP) grow from approximately $220 in 2001-2002 (less than half of the average in Sub-Saharan Africa) to approximately $1,024 in 2014.

However, the recent oil price collapse that started in 2015, the rainfall deficit, and the deterioration of the security situation following Boko Haram terrorist attacks have led to a recession, wiping out all the gains that led to reaching HIPC Completion Point in April 2015.

Government enacted austerity measures with public expenditure cuts, and domestic arrears reached 3.9% of non-oil GDP at end-2015. The ensuing large 2015 fiscal deficit was financed primarily through the rescheduling of oil-sale advances, the issuance of treasury bonds in the regional market, statutory advances from the Central Bank, IMF disbursement and budget supports from the World Bank, the European Union, and the African Development Bank (AfDB). The same institutions extended supplemental budget supports for 2016 as the fiscal situation further worsened. Chad ranked 183 out of 189 on the 2016 Doing Business ranking.

Chad is ranked 185 out of 188 countries according to the 2015 United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Human Development Index (HDI). Many Chadians still face severe deprivation and most of the Millennium Development Goals were not met by 2015. Between 2003 and 2011, Chad achieved moderate but significant progress in overall poverty reduction, with the national poverty rate falling from 55% to 47% during the period. Progress on non-monetary poverty presents a mixed picture, with gains in some areas offset by losses in others. According to the joint Demographic and Household Survey (DHS) and Multi-Indicators Clusters Surveys (MICS) undertaken in early 2015, infant mortality has decreased from 91% during the period of 2005-2009 to 72% during the period of 2010-2014. Child mortality has also decreased from 79% to 65% over the same periods, while maternal mortality fell from 1,099 per 100,000 births to 860 per 100,000 births.

Note: If the selected candidate is a current Bank Group staff member with a Regular or Open-Ended appointment, s/he will retain his/her Regular or Open-Ended appointment. All others will be offered a 3 year term appointment.

Duties and Accountabilities:

The Operations Officer (OO) position is based in Chad with primary responsibility for supporting the Country Manager, Country Director and Country Program Coordinator (CPC) with respect to the performance of the existing portfolio, including a substantial trust fund portfolio, and ensuring its strategic alignment with the CPF FY16-20. The OO supports the CM, CD, CPC and the Program Leaders to conduct country-specific monitoring and reporting on the existing lending and TF portfolio, and to identify and resolve country-specific implementation issues. The OO maintains up-to-date information on portfolio performance (IDA, IBRD, and trust funds) for Chad in close collaboration with the CPC based in Washington. The OO is a member of the CMU Management Team that includes senior staff of the country team, which meets frequently to share information and resolve all relevant operational and administrative issues related to the country portfolio and office operations.

Specific duties include:

Coordinate and lead the quality control of the preparation of a Monthly Portfolio Report. The report monitors lending, non-lending activities, TF, and other key portfolio performance indicators. The report is shared with the government and the Country Team. Monitor and facilitate timely delivery on various milestones during the project cycle, including with respect to project closing and reporting. Monitor the Debt repayment process and follow up with the relevant Department to ensure timely repayments. Support the implementation Support Team (comprising of FM, Procurement and safeguards specialists) by organizing its regular meetings with project TTLs and program leaders to discuss and find solutions to ongoing concerns and to anticipate potential problems/bottlenecks. Follow-up with government on recommendations in close consultation with the CM, CD, CPC, and Program Leaders. Follow up on the Portfolio Action Plan as formulated in the Country Portfolio Performance Review (CPPR), with special focus on portfolio-wide actions in the areas of FM, procurement, safeguards, and M&E. Prepare the TTLs periodic meetings. Review, and draft comments on Implementation Status Reports for the CM Provide inputs to or prepares diverse operational products/outputs (e.g. country briefings, background reports, case studies, portfolio performance reviews, etc.). Provide continuous case-by-case support to teams and the Implementation Support Team. Interact directly with the Program Leaders on daily work program issues, and provide operational support for problem or risky operations. To the extent possible, participate in operational missions. Participate in meetings and assist teams in resolution of difficult issues. Work closely and mentor junior/ACS staff on issues of portfolio management and monitoring. Provide support to the CMU Management Team Review, comment on, and clear all out-going correspondence and manage in-coming correspondence in order to assist the CM in responding timely. Provide support in the Country Strategy Implementation program Support the Country Team, CM, CD and CPC in implementation of the Country Partnership Framework and provide assistance in preparing CPF Progress and Completion Report, particularly regarding portfolio implementation.
Selection Criteria:
• MA/MS with minimum 5 years’ relevant experience in the public or private sector; a post graduate qualification in Finance or Economics with a supplementary Business Administration will be an added advantage.
• Ability to deal sensitively with clients and colleagues in multi-cultural environments and build effective working relations.
• Effective verbal and written communications skills.
• Ability to function effectively in multi-disciplinary teams within a matrix environment.
• Good understanding of Bank policies, procedures and system.
• Recognized by peers and/or managers for ability to identify and pro-actively solve operational issues and problems.
• Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of the CMU's annual reporting, budgeting, and business planning.
• Ability to coordinate mechanisms to ensure efficient and effective procedures for routine workflow in the County office.
• Ability to identify the needed resources to accomplish results involving multiple stakeholders and find solutions to obstacles affecting key deliverables.
• Ability to demonstrate leadership in ensuring the team stays organized and focused, and actively seek and consider diverse ideas and approaches.
• Ability to share best practice, trends, knowledge and lessons learned across units and with clients and partners, articulating ideas verbally and in writing in a clear and compelling manner for audiences of various levels.

This vacancy is archived.

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