National Project Officer

  • Added Date: Saturday, 13 April 2019
  • Deadline Date: Saturday, 27 April 2019

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In early 2019, UNDP Tajikistan started implementation of the new project “Strengthening Community Security and Prevention of Violence against Women in Tajikistan” which aims to support Government’s efforts to criminalize domestic violence through inter-agency and system-wide coordination for amendments to legislation as well as through integrated service delivery in target districts. The project builds on the outcomes of the Istanbul Regional Hub Governance and Peacebuilding mission initiated to review the ongoing programmes and projects of UNDP Tajikistan and to identify entry points for better programmatic integration, synergies and potential partnerships through extensive consultations with the development partners as well as literature review.

For this purpose, UNDP Tajikistan is seeking for National Project Officer who will coordinate overall implementation of the project through extensively utilizing the partnerships, existing dialogue platforms and the networks of CSOs and service providers to consolidate the ongoing Governance and Peacebuilding Programmes of UNDP Tajikistan and also of other donor funded.   

The Project Officer will be responsible for the overall implementation, monitoring, communication and reporting as per the Community Security and SGBV Project Document and Annual Work Plan.


The National Project Officer will work under the direct supervision of  UNDP Team Leader on Governance, Rule of Law and Human Rights. The National Project Officer will support overall day to day coordination of project activities with the Implementing Partners, including the Government institutions to institutionalize gender mainstreaming practices, build local capacities, and undertake outreach activities to enhance public knowledge.

The National Project Officer will be responsible for providing substantive knowledge and practical assistance on the capacity development of Government institutions in order to enhance National response on cases of gender-based violence with the specific focus on prevention of domestic violence. S/he will also facilitate the coordination efforts addressing domestic violence between international organizations, CSOs, and national counterparts through regular meetings, information sharing and nationwide mapping of DV existing services.


1.  Programme Management

  • Ensure adherence to the project’s work plan in line with the Project Document (e.g. support the preparation of Annual Work Plan and draft budgets, organize workshops, seminars, liaise with contractors, etc);
  • Establish and maintain partnerships with the Government, namely the Committee of Women and Family Affairs, Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Tajikistan as well as donors and other strategic partners to ensure coherence and coordinated project planning;
  • Ensure adequate information flow, discussions and feedback among the various stakeholders in accordance with agreed management arrangements;
  • Developing regular progress reports in line with the Project’s reporting schedule, as well as any other reports requested by UNDP, donors, Government and other stakeholders;
  • Plan and conduct Steering Committee meetings and ensure due follow up on the decisions taken by the Steering Committee
  • Collect, classify, summarize and evaluate data and information, carry out technical reviews of project related documents (proposals, activity plans, financial forecasts), closely monitor the activities of the Implementing Partners, including collecting and compiling quantitative and qualitative data and monitoring reports;
  • Capture, consolidate and communicate project outcomes through the development of knowledge products and other communication materials for greater outreach to the target populations including under-represented groups, donors, government.
  • Develop Terms of Reference for recruitment of highly prominent international and national experts (as approved in the project document and subsequent annual work plan), as part of requirements of UNDP
  • Facilitate the day-to-day coordination of the project activities.\Prepare annual work plan and finalise the results framework for the project and lead delivery of results in close coordination with the respective state institutions and Implementing Partners;
  • Ensure that all project deliverables and documents are noted and stored and that the project is both operationally and financially closed in Atlas, that all tasks have been completed, that all assets have been transferred, that all issues are resolved and that the project is “done”.

2. Institutional strengthening of Government Institutions

  • Provide practical assistance in the capacity development of relevant Government institutions in order to enhance National response on cases of gender-based violence, with specific focus on prevention of domestic violence
  • Substantively contribute to design of an appropriate activities to be implemented by Implementing Partners.
  • Support national and international experts in the review of the current status, identify major pitfalls and potential acceleration measures for submission of the Law on Police for Government’s review;
  • Provide support to the capacity building of the Committee of Women and Family Affairs in formulation, coordination and implementation of the new laws and policy measures policies addressing domestic violence
  • Provide support in strengthening the office of Ombudsman in protecting women’s rights and addressing complaints from women and girls in a confidential, gender-sensitive manner and in monitoring of the implementation of the laws and policies on domestic violence by state institutions
  • Facilitate coordination efforts in addressing domestic violence between international organizations, CSOs, and national counterparts through regular meetings, information sharing and nation wide mapping of DV existing services
  • Provide support and expert advice to the work of the Government’s Technical Working Group preparing the amendments;
  • Contribute to the design and effective coordination/implementation of outreach awareness raising campaigns by selected implementing partners and involved SCOs
  • Jointly with all partners, conduct hackathons for volunteers and/or IT developers in order to develop quick and feasible solutions to respond, prevent and report on the cases of domestic violence.


3. Coordination and Cooperation

  • Establish productive relationships and maintaining continuous and constructive dialogue with the project government, civil society, local communities, donors and other implementing partners to maximize impact of results;
  • Ensure that activities and support to the Government, implementing partners and civil society is coordinated and synergies are applied to assist in attaining the project’s planned outputs and outcomes


4. Advocacy, Networking and Marketing:


  • Disseminate the information on best practices and be active member of the UNDP global and regional networks;
  • In close consultation with CO Communication Team prepare the content of knowledge products including publications, articles, papers and press releases for visibility and communication of project outcomes;
  • Expand outreach to the UN, national government, local authorities, private sector, non-government and international development organizations



IV. Competencies and Selection Criteria


Description of Competency at Level Required

(For more comprehensive descriptions please  see the competency inventory)




Organizational Awareness

Level 4: Originate (Peer Regarded Lead Expert)


Level 3: Apply & Adapt (Recognized contributor with demonstrated ability)

Knowledge Sharing and Learning


Level 4: Originate (Peer Regarded Lead Expert)

People Management


Level 3: Apply & Adapt (Recognized contributor with demonstrated ability)

Communicating Information


Level 3: Apply & Adapt (Recognized contributor with demonstrated ability)



Level 4: Originate (Peer Regarded Lead Expert)



Results-Based Programme Development and Management - Contributing to results through provision of information

§  Provides information for linkages across programme activities to help identify critical points of integration

§  Provides information and documentation on specific stages of projects/programme


§  Provides background information to identify opportunities for project development and helps drafting proposals

§  Participates in the formulation of project proposals


Level 3: Apply & Adapt (Recognized contributor with demonstrated ability)

Innovation and Marketing New Approaches

Developing new approaches

§  Seeks a broad range of perspectives in developing project proposals

§  Identifies new approaches and promotes their use in other situations

§  Creates an environment that fosters innovation and innovative thinking

§  Makes the case for innovative ideas from the team with own supervisor


Level 3: Apply & Adapt (Recognized contributor with demonstrated ability)

Job Knowledge/Technical Expertise

In-depth knowledge of the subject-matter

§  Understands more advanced aspects of primary area of specialization as well as the fundamental concepts of related disciplines

§  Keeps abreast of new developments in area of professional discipline and job knowledge and seeks to develop him/herself professionally

§  Demonstrates comprehensive knowledge of information technology and applies it in work Assignments

§  Demonstrates comprehensive understanding and knowledge of the current guidelines and project management tools and utilizes these regularly in work assignments


Level 3: Apply & Adapt (Recognized contributor with demonstrated ability)

Promoting Change/Development

Level 3: Apply & Adapt (Recognized contributor with demonstrated ability)

Working in Teams

Level 3: Apply & Adapt (Recognized contributor with demonstrated ability)



V. Recruitment Qualifications


·      Master’s Degree and/or equivalent in Social Science, Public Administration, Gender Studies, International Development, Human Rights and/or in a related field of expertise OR BA degree plus 2 additional years of relevant work experience



·      At least five (5) years of proven professional experience (or 7 years for BA holders) in the provision of institutional strengthening, including at least 3 years of professional experience in the area of public administration, rule of law, gender equality

·      Previous experience in the area of community security and prevention of violence against women is a strong advantage;

·      Experience in capacity building of state institutions is required;


Language Requirements:

·      Excellent spoken and written skills in English and Tajik

·      Knowledge of Russian is a strong advantage



§  Experience in the usage of computers and office software packages



Contract Duration: 6 months with possibility of extension

This vacancy is archived.

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