MOECHE Call for EOI: Grant Agent for the GPE Additional Maximum Country Allocation (MCA) For FGS

  • Added Date: Friday, 17 May 2019
  • Deadline Date: Friday, 31 May 2019

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Ministry of Education, Culture & Higher Education (MoECHE)


In August 2018, the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) has decided to provide an additional Maximum Country Allocation (additional MCA) for Somalia. Based on the proportions of the previous allocation formula, an amount of $27.95 million is allocated for Banaadir, Galmudug, Hirshabelle, Jubaland and South West. This increased MCA is valid until 2020 for utilization, unless otherwise adjusted by the GPE Board.

For this reason, the Ministry is launching a Call for Expression of Interest for a new Grant Agent for the additional MCA, which will be managed in such a way that it supports to (1) expand some of the activities of the ongoing ESPIG, and (2) new priorities that will contribute towards the wider ESSP priorities and also complement the ongoing ESPIG and other donor programs. Therefore, the purpose of this Call for Expression of Interest is to identify eligible Grant Agent for a prospective partnership with MoECHE for the management of the additional MCA.

The scope of work for the additional MCA is drafted by MOECHE awaiting wider consultations with Federal Member States (FMS) and the Local Education Group (LEG) which is locally known as the Education Sector Committee (ESC). The GA to be selected will support this process and the subsequent development of full proposal. The process of selecting Grant Agent will be transparent and inclusive which provide opportunity to all qualified partners in order to apply. Consequently, all qualified applicants fulfilling the below criteria are invited to submit their expression of interest accordingly.

Summary of Criteria:

  1. Be registered in country.

a) Please attach the copies of relevant registration certificates for the area of implementation.

2. Readiness to work with all government levels (MOECHE and FMS), the donors, the Local Education Group/ the Education Sector Coordination;

I. Please provide brief history of work in Somalia. How have your education related activities directly aligned to MoE strategic plans and long-term development plans?

II. Please provide a history of collaborations with strategic stakeholders including the GPE, Local Education Sector Coordination, donors and Government educational institutions across the country?

III. How has this contributed to sustainable progress in education outcomes and how has it increased the capacity of duty bearers to contribute?

IV. Are there any ongoing challenges (ex. Allegations/investigations of fraud or other misconduct) that could impede your ability to effectively manage funds?

3. The ability to discharge fiduciary and administrative responsibilities in relation to the GPE funds.

I. Please explain your ability to work through the most appropriate modality in relation to the government and MOECHE in particular?

II. Please describe the administration and quality of financial management system and tools in placed for managing (including distributing) funds from different donors.

III. Please provide your ability to formulate and oversee programs of similar grant size? How can this experience be applied to this grant?

IV. Please provide history of experience in managing multiple/diverse donor funds in a timely and accurate manner.

4. The ability to support the government in the implementation of the education sector plan.

I. How is your organization supporting the education sector strategic plan (ESSP)? How would you go about ensuring synergies and continued alignment between the GPE funds and the ESSP?

II. How would you be further distinguish yourself as an agency that works with the MoECHE and FMS to support increased access to quality learning for Somalia children?

III. How does your organization provide value-for-money, ensuring that maximum amount of funds are available for local actors and most importantly, children in need?

5. The ability to offer technical resources to MoECHE and FMS.

Strengthening Systems

I. Share your in-house capacity to support Ministries of Education to strengthen education systems and promoting best practices among other groups that affect learning, such as traditional leaders and civil nongovernmental organizations.

II. How would you improve efficiency and accountability through the use of innovative tools such as the community scorecard; supporting the setup of participatory governance systems and decentralization processes; mainstreaming gender-transformative approaches in human resources management and capacity building of education officials;

III. What is your experience and capability in improving recordkeeping and data systems in education; and creating sustainable options for better recovery to the emergency affected population?

Building a Supportive, Equal Environment

I. How does your organization build safe and equal working environment for all (example; preventing and dealing with sexual abuse and harassment)?

6. Availability of sectoral knowledge and experienced personnel

I. Share a summary of how existing in-house capacity would improve administration/ grant management in close collaboration with MoECHE at national/regional/district and village levels.

7. The nature and performance of agency's education portfolio in the country, including the ability to adjust implementation to the contextual constraints while managing risks.

I. Explain above in detailed manner (ex. intimate understanding of local clan dynamics and the socio-political environment in Somalia is advantage)

8. Previous successful work/project experience, good reputation and collaborative work with MoECHE and other development partners

I. Successfully implemented projects with the MoECHE in the last three years.

9. Commitment to joint sector dialogue and coordination.

I. How and where do you contribute to education sector dialogues and forums?

10. Ability to handle results-based financing/willingness to only manage fixed part of the grant.

I. Please provide a summary of similar experience including description of programs/funds managed.

II. Please share your success as evidenced by the external evaluations or donor feedback.

11. Be a multilateral agency partner, GPE donor country partner or an INGO. Note that INGO will have to be screened by the GPE Secretariat on their fiduciary capacity.

I. Please provide confirmation of the above.

12. Readiness to co-finance, and/or motivate funding of, the next Education Sector Program Implementation Grant (ESPIG).

I. Demonstrate your readiness particularly over the last years to co- finance the education sector program.

13. Please confirm that your organization is familiar with the selection process and has obtained the necessary approvals to compete for (and if successful) carry out the necessary duties.

Indicative timelines:

The key steps and timelines for selecting Grant Agent are as follows:

#/Date/Key step (s)

1. 16th May 2019 Call for Expression of Interest issue date.

2. 31st May 2019 Deadline of submission of Expression of Interests

3. June 01-03 2019 MoECHE reviews applicant’s documents

4. 4th June 2019 Candidates are separately invited by the MoECHE to present their

respective expressions of interest with the presence of Coordinating Agency and the ESC partners with the exclusion of other applicants who have sent their expression of interest. ESC members are requested to give their views on the proceedings.

5. 7th June 2019 Notification of the result to be communicated to successful Candidate

6. 7th June 2019 The MoECHE officially submits the successful candidate to the Coordinating Agency

This vacancy is archived.

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