Mine Action Officer

  • Added Date: Sunday, 15 April 2018
  • Deadline Date: Wednesday, 02 May 2018

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OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine
International Seconded
Military Affairs
Senior professional
11 April 2018
2 May 2018 - 23:59 Central European Time (CET)
General Minimum Requirements

The general minimum requirements for working with the OSCE are:

  • Excellent physical condition
  • Possession of a valid automobile driving license and ability to drive using manual transmission
  • Ability to cope with physical hardship and willingness to work extra hours and in an environment with limited infrastructure
Field of Expertise Requirements

The general minimum requirements for working in this field of expertise are:

  • Officer / Warrant Officer training and/or university degree in a relevant technical field
  • Significant experience in arms control, peace-keeping operations and/or other relevant areas of military-related affairs
  • Experience in negotiations and liaison with governmental and military authorities
  • Ability to compile and analyse information of a political-military nature
Level of Professional Competence Requirements

Furthermore, this level of responsibility requires the following:


First-level university degree in relevant field(s)


Minimum 6 years of relevant professional experience

Mission Specific Requirements

Additionally, this particular post has specific requirements:


  • First-level university degree in relevant field(s);
  • At least six years of progressively responsible professional experience in a related field, preferably in an international environment or/and within operational missions with humanitarian mine action, commercial mine action and/or military engineering (combat engineering) portfolio;
  • Experience in project management, including finance, planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation/controlling and reporting;
  • Experience in Geographical Informational System (GIS), including digital mapping;
  • Significant experience related to mine action, arms control, identification of munitions, peace-keeping operations and/or other relevant areas of military-related affairs (demining, mine clearance, mine awareness, marking and mapping, etc.);
  • Demonstrated experience/ability to conduct training or instruct in a field environment;
  • Excellent analytical, diplomatic and negotiation skills;
  • Understanding of the challenges facing Ukraine in mine action;
  • Professional fluency in the English language and the ability to draft documents clearly and concisely;
  • Ability to drive 4x4 vehicles with manual transmission;
  • Willingness to travel to hazard areas of the Mission;
  • Flexibility and ability to work under pressure in a challenging environment and with limited time frames;
  • Ability to cope with physical hardship and willingness to work extra hours and in an environment with limited infrastructure; proven resilience to high stress environments;
  • Demonstrated ability and willingness to work as a member of a team, with people of different cultural and religious backgrounds, different gender and diverse political views, while maintaining impartiality and objectivity;
  • Ability to operate Windows applications, including word processing and e-mail.


  • Working knowledge of the Ukrainian and/or Russian language(s);
  • Experience in working in Eastern Europe and/or knowledge of the region;
  • Knowledge of the OSCE principles and commitments.

General information:

Initial duration of assignment for this post is for a period of 12 months, with a possibility of extension, subject to a subsequent OSCE Permanent Council Decision to extend the mandate of the Mission.

If applicable, deployment is subject to attendance to and successful completion of pre-deployment training and assessment.

Applicants are hereby notified that the Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine (SMM) is designated by the OSCE as a nonfamily duty station. This designation is based on the fluid and dynamic working environment in the SMM and with due consideration to recommendations of the UN International Civil Service Commission. The currently prevailing working conditions in the duty station may include working in a hazardous location with extended hours of service, and possibly curtailed freedom of movement. Successful candidates who are appointed to locations deemed by the OSCE as hazardous will receive hazard pay. In addition, all successful candidates will be required to participate in the OSCE accident and life insurance scheme in accordance with the OSCE Staff Regulations and Staff Rules.

The selected candidate may be deployed Ukraine-wide.

Tasks and Responsibilities

Under the supervision of the Senior Mine Action Officer and in close co-ordination with the Head of Operations and overall guidance of Team Leader at the respective location, the Mine Action Officer will be tasked and responsible for:

  1. Advising on mine action/de-mining issues contained in the Minsk agreements and related tasks to the Mission as they pertain to the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine's (SMM) mandate and role;
  2. Supporting the Senior Mine Action Officer in preparing written communications (reports, inputs, proposals, briefing notes, memos and/or presentations) to provide SMM management with background and context on the objectives of the mine action/demining projects and strategic planning process;
  3. Providing technical advice/expertise/recommendations on strategic planning, risk assessments in relation to the mine action/demining/mine clearance/ programs;
  4. Providing information on type of mines, ammunitions, Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), Unexploded Ordnance (UXO), military hardware, special equipment (used in mine action), explosive related materials and other hazardous materials;
  5. Providing all necessary information on demolition materials, procedures and operations;
  6. Supporting the Senior Mine Action Officer during the full project cycle management of all Mine Action/de-mining projects (if necessary);
  7. Monitoring, evaluating and providing on-going support to the process of implementation of possible Mine Action/de-mining projects, including disengagement process and withdrawal of forces;
  8. Liaising with other entities engaged in mine action to ensure that the SMM has all data needed to keep their verification database updated; facilitating removal or referral activities by relevant and authorized entities (including: mapping, marking, fencing off, removal/demining/mine clearance of the explosive hazards, etc.);
  9. Supporting development, in co-ordination with the SMM Training Team, of mine-awareness/risk education training programme as well as training packages for monitors to raise awareness about operating in areas with unexploded ordnance, mines and related dangers; providing mine awareness training/instructions for the Mission members, as well as for the civilian population;
  10. Ensuring the provision of updated information on mine contaminated areas to the SMM including digital mapping and maps of the hazardous areas and data base; providing mine (explosive hazard) risk assessments of potentially contaminated areas/roads/objectives (infrastructures);
  11. Supporting the Head Office and Monitoring Teams, as necessary, in fostering dialogue and in designing and implementing specific confidence-building measures that will enable parties to work together to reduce the threats posed by landmines and other explosive hazards, such as IEDs/abandoned IEDs, unexploded ordnance (UXO) and abandoned ordnance (AXO);
  12. Working with relevant Programme Managers/Units to identify risks and issues affecting the mission as a whole, providing the assessments / analyses and respective recommendations;
  13. On behalf of the OSCE SMM, on a technical level, co-ordinating mine action activities with the relevant mine action stakeholders in Ukraine to support efficient and effective implementation of strategic and project efforts, in implementation of the Minsk agreements and related tasks, as well as other International Conventions;
  14. Contributing to the reporting and to periodical analytical reports/ data base, including digital mapping;
  15. Identifying performance measures on the implementation of mine action/de-mining projects and recommending processes for measurement;
  16. Performing other duties as assigned and required.

For more detailed information on the structure and work of the OSCE SMM, please see https://www.osce.org/special-monitoring-mission-to-ukraine

The OSCE is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce, and encourages the nomination of qualified female and male candidates from all national, religious, ethnic and social backgrounds. Please note that nationals or permanent residents of the country of the duty station are not eligible to apply.

Candidates should, prior to applying, verify with their respective nominating authority to which extent financial remuneration and/or benefit packages will be offered.

Please apply to your relevant authorities several days prior to the deadline expiration to ensure timely processing of your application. Delayed nominations will not be considered.

This vacancy is archived.

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