Market Research Consultant

  • Added Date: Tuesday, 17 September 2019
  • Deadline Date: Thursday, 31 October 2019

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Across the globe, poor families do not have access to decent and disaster resilient homes partly due to:

  • Inadequate government housing policies and programs;
  • Limited access to appropriate construction technology and expertise; and
  • Absence of empowered communities and good governance structures within the housing sector.
    These conditions are also true in the Philippines. To help address these, Habitat for Humanity Philippines (HFHP) and International (HFHI), Hilti Foundation (Hilti), selected local government units (LGUs) and BASE Foundation (BASE) are collaborating to construct 10,000 disaster-resilient, low-cost Bamboo Cement Frame Houses for vulnerable informal settler families (ISFs) in Negros Occidental during several years. Beyond the construction of homes, the project intends to:

  • Provide innovative housing solutions and help in the development of sustainable communities with local government units; and

  • Promote the use of sustainable eco-friendly construction technologies to help reduce home construction’s impact on Climate Change.
    HFHI and HFHP will leverage its government and private sector partnerships, volunteers, community engagements and long experiences in construction. Hilti will provide technical advice and help finance the scale of the project. BASE will provide its well-tested Cement Bamboo Frame Technology; while LGUs will provide land for the project.

The project will utilize a leveraging concept to achieve its housing goal. Because of Hilti and Habitat’s commitment to provide homes to a selected yet significant number of ISFs, the LGUs will provide strategically located sites/lands with access to water, electricity and road networks. These lands will then be leveraged to attain educational and health facilities and other social services from the national government. With adequate facilities and services, higher income families within the poverty pyramid can be attracted to avail of the houses, creating a more sustainable community.

The project wishes to hire a market researcher to understand how to successfully reach and convince higher income families within the poverty spectrum in Negros Occidental to purchase a socialized bamboo cement frame house instead of the traditional cement house provided by other social housing providers or developers.


Market analysis for Bamboo Cement Houses in the province of Negros Occidental. Specific objectives of the assignment entails

  1. Demand assessment for Bamboo Cement Houses for the target population/ families
    1. Assess constraints of the target population in terms of acquiring shelter
    2. Assess housing needs, preferences and capacities of the target population/families
    3. Assess perception and possible satisfaction of the target population on the Bamboo Cement Frame Technology
  2. Assessment of market opportunities and supply-side dynamics
    1. Understanding of competitive housing solutions/products and competitors
    2. Assessment of the information housing and housing technology channels and distribution channel actors in the region
  3. Suggestions for Intervention strategy for market creation of Bamboo Cement Houses in the province

    1. Define target market segment (families and HH profile), household purchasing capacity, demand assessment and estimate market volume;
    2. Define value proposition for Habitat
    3. Identify potential markets in terms of geography and demographics
    4. Key stakeholder engagement plan, prioritization of channel actors
    5. Detailed marketing and distribution strategy to be adopted by Habitat for promoting the technology in the targeted communities
    6. Develop Business Model Canvas for Habitat articulating value proposition, key partners and key strategies.
  4. Market research methodology

  5. Proposed work plan

  6. Inception report and briefing

  7. Final Report

    1. Client segmentation
    2. Value proposition
    3. Messaging
    4. Bamboo house price range (based on design)
    5. House design requirements
    6. Community infrastructure/services requirements
    7. Housing payment terms
    8. Marketing strategy
    9. Mixed income community strategies

Coordination meetings with Habitat shall be conducted in Habitat for Humanity Philippines’ office in 5th floor Paseo de Roxas corner Legaspi Streets, Makati City, while the data gathering fieldwork will be based on provided market research plan.


November 2019- January 2020


The following representative will work with the consultant/research firm and provide quality assurance and supervision of the research study:

Chief of Party
Habitat for Humanity Philippines


  • Upon contract signing – 20%
  • Upon completion and submission of Market Research Methodology – 20%
  • Upon completion and submission of Proposed Work Plan and Inception Report and Briefing – 30%
  • Upon completion and approval of the Final report – 30%


The consultant/firm must have at a minimum the following qualifications:

  • With expertise and/or relevant experience with market research in the housing sector
  • Demonstrated experience in conducting quantitative & qualitative market research in a community set-up,

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English,

  • With good technical writing skills,

  • Proposed staffing plan includes at least one native Ilonggo speaker, or be able to find a local interpreter, and

  • Ability to work within the proposed timeline.

You may submit your proposal to using the subject field “Market Research_CV_Name”.

For further questions about this engagement, please free to contact Marco Montemayor at email:

A. Technical Proposal

A narrative proposal should include the following sections:

  1. Project Implementation Methodology. Describe your overall approach and research methodology including, and not limited to research design, data collection, data quality assurance measures and documentation.

  2. Key Personnel and Staffing. Describe the key personnel and a staffing plan for the project. Include CVs of key personnel who would be part of the proposed plan. Describe their level of knowledge and experience. Also, describe your relevant competencies pertinent to the requirements of the project.

  3. Capability Statement. Provide high level details of similar projects accomplished by the consultant/firm.

  4. Workplan. Present a detailed timeline of key activities.

B. Financial proposal

The financial proposal should include at least a budget narrative. The cost estimates used to
prepare the budget should be presented in the local Philippine currency.

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