ILO/MoPW/01/2018 - Technical Advisor

  • Added Date: Thursday, 08 November 2018
  • Deadline Date: Friday, 16 November 2018

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Position will entail regular and extensive travel to districts

1. Background:

The UN Joint Programme for Local Governance and Decentralised Service Delivery (JPLG) is a 5 year programme implemented by the ILO, UN-Habitat, UNICEF, UNDP and UNCDF. Established in 2008, the programme has commenced on its 3rd phase (2018 – 2023) in July 2018. The objective of the programme is to contribute to the achievement of local government institutions that advance peace and stability by effectively and accountably responding to the needs and rights of all Puntland people. This is to be achieved through three outcomes i) Policy, legal and regulatory frameworks on local governance finalized ii) Local governments’ have the capacity to deliver equitable and sustainable services, promote economic development and peace iii) Local governments demonstrate improved engagement of citizens, with an emphasis on women and marginalized groups. The programme is aligned to the United Nations Strategic Framework (UNSF) Outcome 2.3: Strengthened local governance through the provision of basic and public services will contribute to peace and stability, and the National Development Plan (NDP) Priority 2: Peace, Security and Rule of Law, and the Comprehensive Approach to Security (CAS). The Programme places a strong emphasis on gender and women in local governance, human rights and good governance principles of transparency, accountability and participation.

Ministry of Public Works and Transport, Puntland is the cabinet level administrative office in charge of planning, directing, controlling and building public infrastructure as well as facilitating provision and maintenance of quality infrastructure while developing capacities for other local institutions. Aligned to the on-going decentralization reforms in Puntland which include the reassignment of functions to tiers of government best placed to deliver them based on principles of subsidiary the Ministry is pursing reforms in the public works and transport sector including establishing appropriate policies, structures, regulatory frameworks, systems, relationships and supporting the building of capacities of regional and local government structures as well as other line ministries and agencies with responsibility for public works delivery.

The Technical Adviser will be responsible to support the Ministry in these efforts as they relate to delivery of local service delivery i.e. in establishing the regulatory environment and in developing systems, tools and capacities of local governments.

2. Duties and Responsibilities:

The position will be located within the MOPW&T and reporting to the MOPW&T focal point for JPLG, with technical supervision and backstopping from ILO EIIP Technical Adviser and ILO-JPLG Project Manager.

The Technical Advisers will, under the technical guidance of the ILO EIIP Technical Adviser:

v Support to Ministry of Public Works and Transport to:

  1. Support to district public works departments - to set up new structure based on assigned functions; establish units/sections within the departments, based on functions with clear TOR and job descriptions.

  2. Support the updating and revision of the technical construction material standards and specifications for buildings.

  3. Train the district public works departments and contractors on standards and specifications for buildings.

  4. Liaise between the MOPW&T and other technical/sectoral line ministries vis-à-vis technical standards of works and service delivery projects.

  5. Provide specific technical skill and competency building of the Ministry counterparts and the district public works engineers and others cadres, including technical input of relevant baseline data, public works planning, feasibility studies/review and development of technical of construction standards, investment and maintenance planning and budgeting and cash flow projection as well as management and maintenance systems of infrastructure assets created.

  6. Support development technical quality assurance tools and approaches and provide technical backstopping and enforcement.

  7. Be required to prepare a monthly work plan which includes specific technical skills and competence training activities to the Ministry and to the district engineers; and report on specific technical capacity development undertaken each month.

  8. To build the capacity of the Ministry to undertake its role in decentralized service delivery and establish systems to allow Ministry to play this role.

  9. Advise partners on all aspects of construction management including labour management, occupational safety and health, inventory management and the safe-keeping and maintenance of tools and equipment procured by the project

  10. Support local government develop and implement planning and procurement systems, tools, technical standards and means of enforcement to facilitate private sector engagement in local service delivery, through public private partnerships, outsourcing and other service delivery models.

v Support to District Public Works Departments to:

  1. Develop capacity to perform their functions through the implementation a capacity development programme for local district public works departments. This includes and is not limited to planning and budgeting, appraising and designing works, procuring and implementation, supervision, monitoring, certification of works and maintenance and asset management. This will involve carrying out formal, on-the-job training and mentorship of staff of the district public works departments in:

  2. Planning, appraisal and feasibility studies, preparation of designs and cost estimation of prioritised works in collaboration with other relevant district public works departments.

  3. Preparation of tender documents; evaluation of bids and preparation of recommendations for the District Tender Committee;

  4. Contract management including preparation of the workplan of the activities (different stages), preparation of certification of quality of work against set standards and specifications and preparation and verification of payment certificates and to follow-up the different stages of installments processes.

  5. Ensuring compliance with set procedures in the project cycle i.e. planning, prioritization, design, technical standards and specifications, procurement and implementation, monitoring, reporting and evaluation.

  6. Follow-up the different stages of the project cycle ensuring timely delivery of investment projects.

  7. Undertake their functions through the provision of technical guidance and advice to the target districts under the JPLG on project management cycle, the procedures and tools to support the process.

  8. Certify works and payment certificates ensuring compliance with agreed technical standards and specifications collate technical reports and forward the same to superiors as per agreed timeframes.

  9. Support establishment of the linkages between district and the MOI Interior and other relevant technical line ministries vis-à-vis the works and service delivery projects.

  10. General management -Under the guidance of the ILO EIIP Technical Adviser provide technical inputs to programme briefings, presentations and reports in conformity with planned reporting formats and schedules.

3. Recruitment Qualifications

Recruitment Qualifications


A degree in a branch of civil engineering; with a strong background in public works delivery at local level and institutional capacity development. An additional qualification in project management, local government procurement a significant plus.


  1. 3 years’ work experience in Puntland or in post conflict countries and/or in the Horn of Africa an advantage.

  2. Proven experience in developing and nurturing the capability of others.

  3. A proven leadership and managerial capability in the context of collaboration with administrative structures of developing countries.

  4. Demonstrable ability to manage projects, administrative and accounting systems at distance through the use of ICT.

  5. Willingness to travel and work in volatile environments where the programme’s main activities are located.


Excellent command of Somali written and spoken; Excellent command of written and spoken English.

Computer Proficiency

Knowledge and ability to work with Micro-soft office( word, excel, PowerPoint) and computer aided design ( Auto CAD)

  1. Functional Competencies

a) Ability to comprehend and support development and implementation of training and mentoring activities for technical public works personnel.

b) Ability to provide advice on procedures develop guidelines and training materials, recommend on alternative courses of action, policy, procedural matters and present them at high-level meetings; design and synthesize strategies for programme development.

c) Ability to monitor and evaluate projects cycles, produce reports (e.g. reports, technical guidelines, training manuals)

d) Substantive knowledge on project formulation and management, organisational/institution capacity building, governance and service delivery, procurement.

e) Demonstrated strong co-ordination and facilitation skills

f) Strong communication skills (oral and written)

g) Results oriented, flexible and problem-solving skills

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