Grant and Procurement process Design Expert

  • Added Date: Monday, 18 November 2019
  • Deadline Date: Friday, 13 December 2019

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Mission description

Expertise France is recruiting a Grant and Procurement process Design expert to provide advice in the setting-up of the grant and procurement processes of the ReSEMBiD programme.

Thus, s/he will mainly be involved during the initial phase of the programme (end of 2019 – 2020) analysing and designing grant and procurement contract management scenarios.

Later on and only if needed, s/he may intervene during the implementation phase of the programme providing support in the administrative and financial management and monitoring of grant-funded projects or procurement based projects.

S/he will work part time under the supervision of the Finance and Administrative Director of the programme based in Sint Maarten, and in close collaboration with the grant manager based in Sint Maarten and with the Expertise France project manager and EF’s legal Affair department based in headquarters.

S/he will support the Finance and Administrative Director and the grant manager with the following tasks:

Analysis and recommendations on grant and procurement procedures


  • the European Union grant and procurement rules
  • the Expertise France internal procedures
  • the context, challenges and objectives of the ReSEMBiD programme

the expert will produce recommendations on different grant and procurement procedure management scenarios the programme may implement.

He/She will base his/her recommendations from detailed juridical and technical analysis, pointing out the risks and advantages of each scenario.

Note: many options could be foreseen as the programme will allow:

  • The combination of both grants and procurement processes in order to gather different types of actors (such as NGOs, Civil Society Organisations, Academic sector, Private sector). Still, we can already consider that grant awarding will largely be used as financing instrument.
  • The combination from small (maximum of 60 000€) to large (from 200 000€) amounts for grants or procurement contracts
  • The adjustment of the different timing of the calls for proposals or tenders publication (foreseeing the publication for at least 1 batch of large projects and a minimum of 2 batches of small projects).

Support in the elaboration of the grant and procurement procedure material

Based on the grant and procurement management scenario chosen, the expert will support the Finance and Administrative Director in the elaboration of the following procedure material:

  • characterizing/formalizing the grant and procurement procedure step by step to be included in the programme manual of procedures
  • defining the possible grants and procurement eligibility criterias
  • elaborating the procurement and contracting plan
  • supporting the preparation of the ToRs of the evaluation committee (role and responsibility, list of potential members)
  • preparing all documents templates (guidelines, terms of reference, budget form, candidates application rules, annexes, Evaluation Criteria Framework, Financial Monitoring and Auditing Manual, etc.) according to the rules set in the Practical Guide to Contract Procedures for EU External Actions (PRAG)
  • formalising explanatory notes and FAQ on the procedures

Support in the implementation of the grant and procurement procedures (OPTIONAL)

The following tasks are optional and may be requested according to the needs. If to be performed, they will have to be in support to the Finance and Administrative Director and the grant manager.

  • prepare grant agreements or contracts and subsequent amendments
  • review grant budgets submitted by implementing partners, verify their consistency with prevailing market rates; assist in discussion/negotiation of costs/fees as required
  • ensure that reporting requirements are adhered to and liaise closely with the programme managers and experts teams on any delays or difficulties
  • review financial reports and inform the programme focal points or the supervisor on the findings
  • communicate with and provide guidance/advice to implementing partners on grant-related and financial matters, in collaboration with the programme managers
  • ensure operational and financial closure of grants in line with requirements
  • contribute to the coordination and follow up on the audits of Implementing Partners
  • actively compile issues, lessons learned and best practices, and share knowledge and best practices within the ReSEMBiD team and with Implementing Partners, on financial and organizational management

Project or context description

The Caribbean OCTs Resilience, Sustainable Energy and Marine Biodiversity Programme (ReSEMBiD) is financed under the 11th European Development Fund (EDF) Caribbean OCT Regional Programme. The primary stakeholders are the 12 Caribbean OCTs:

  • Anguilla, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Montserrat, Turks and Caicos Islands
  • Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba, Sint Eustatius, Sint Maarten
  • Saint-Barthélemy

The overall objective of the Programme is to support the sustainable human development efforts of the Caribbean OCTs. Operational objectives will be formulated further to a consultation process with the Caribbean OCTs, and will be based on the three component pillars of the Programme as signified below.

  • Sustainable Energy: To increase energy efficiency of infrastructures with high impact on energy consumption;
  • Marine biodiversity: To improve protection and sustainable management of marine biodiversity in OCTs;
  • Resilience: To increase the resilience of Caribbean OCTs to adapt to extreme and recurrent natural events (cross-cutting component).

Various stakeholders can be identified in the individual OCTs: governmental representatives, NGOs, focal points for the regional programme and departmental staff dealing with resilience, climate change adaptation, disaster preparedness, energy and biodiversity, research and/or educational institutes, gender groups, private sector.

The Programme will be implemented throughout the twelve Caribbean OCTs, though specific locations of the activities will be determined as formulation and implementation begin. The project team is based at Sint Maarten and is supported by Expertise France Headquarters in Paris, France.

The largest part of the Action will be dedicated to the operationalization of the regional strategy through financial support to pilot actions. Topics and priorities which will be tackled though the different calls for proposals and calls for tenders will be determined during the phase of definition of the regional strategy.

The methodology from which the calls for proposals and calls for tenders’ process will be driven must be flexible enough to be adaptable to the specificities of the Action and of the context of each beneficiary. Combining a maximum of options in the way the calls of proposals and calls for tenders can be managed will also secure the process efficiency, maximizing the total of activities that can be implemented.

Around 23 million euros will be dedicated to grants and procurement contracts.

The aforementioned principles will be important considerations in the assessment of candidates’ suitability.

Required profile

Qualifications / Qualifications and skills

  • Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Public Administration, Economics, Project Management or related field is required
  • Master's degree with above mentioned field will be considered as an asset.
  • Strong autonomy and impartiality
  • Strong organizational and coordination skills
  • Excellent communication, analytical, drafting and reporting skills
  • Good command of English
  • Knowledge of French or Dutch is an asset

Expérience professionnelle générale et spécifique / General and specific professional experience

  • At least 10 years of experience in funds and grant management with EU (or equivalent donor)
  • At least 5 years of experiences in the preparation of grant procedures (identification of guidelines, grant management, participation in evaluation committee...)
  • An experience in assessment, appraisal and programme management process, including quality control
  • Experience in European Public Procurement
  • Knowledge of the PRAG is compulsory
  • Budgeting and PCM skills
  • Experience managing grants at a regional level is highly appreciated

Additional information

Nombre de jours / durée de la mission / Duration :

Approximately up to a possible total of 100 days. A main part of the consultancy should be provided in between December 2019 and end of February 2020.

Informations complémentaires / Additional information

  • Location: Home based with potential missions at Expertise France’s headquarters or to Sint Maarten
  • Starting date : December 2019
  • Type of contract : depending on profile and experience

Documents à fournir/ Documents to submit :

  • CV with references
  • Letter of motivation
  • Consultancy daily fee based on an approximately 100 days contract

Together with CV, candidates have to give full coordinates of the company which is to be contracted by Expertise France.

Contacts :

Please forward documents to the following three addresses, signifying the name of the position being applied for on the subject line:;

Javier PEREZ


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