Data collector in Iraq - August 2019

  • Added Date: Wednesday, 10 July 2019
  • Deadline Date: Wednesday, 17 July 2019

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Ground Truth seeks the services of an experienced survey/research firm for data collection to conduct surveys of people affected by crisis in Iraq. Using a survey instrument developed by Ground Truth, the survey/research firm will collect feedback across the humanitarian response in Iraq, to inform the planning of the response in Iraq and provide a metric for monitoring progress against the strategic objectives of the Humanitarian Response Plan.

The requested services include the finalisation of the survey instrument, sample design; data collection; data processing and cleaning; quality assurance; and translation. The services will be required for one data collection round in August 2019. Data collection will cover camp and non-camp areas in both urban and rural communities. The locations to be included are Anbar, Dahuk, Diyala, Erbil, Kirkuk, Ninewa, Salah Al-Din, and Sulaymaniyah.


Over the past three years, Ground Truth has surveyed the views of some 10,000 affected people in seven countries, including Iraq, as part of a project to track progress against the Grand Bargain commitments. Now with support from the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development, Ground Truth is extending the scope of its data collection and analysis in Iraq. While continuing to provide data for tracking humanitarian performance against the Grand Bargain, the goal is use feedback from affected people to inform the planning of the response in Iraq and provide a metric for monitoring progress against the strategic objectives of Humanitarian Response Plan. In addition to yearly data collection and analysis, Ground Truth will support country team members’ efforts to learn from and act on the research findings. Communicating back to affected people about the results of the surveys and triangulating perceptual data with other sources of information is central to the approach.

Purpose, scope and responsibilities

In carrying out this assignment, the appointed firm will be expected to:

a) Programme the survey tool (Arabic and English version exist) in a data collection software of their choice (e.g. Kobo, Commcare)

b) Test the survey tool on mobile devices.

c) Appoint, train and manage a team of capable enumerators, with appropriate education levels and experience in collecting quantitative data from people affected by humanitarian crisis. The data collector needs to ensure adequate behavior of data collectors and appropriate language skills or translators to accompany them to work with ethnically diverse groups of affected people. The training needs to follow Ground Truth guidelines and code of conduct for enumerators. Ground Truth reserves the right to involve itself in (parts of) the enumerator training, in person or remotely via skype.

d) Ensure the security of the completed survey forms and data throughout the survey until it has been successfully received by Ground Truth. The data must be deleted by the data collectors upon the request of Ground Truth.

e) Capture the survey data correctly and according to the format guidelines provided by Ground Truth, for electronic submission to Ground Truth by the agreed due dates.

f) Translate all open-ended questions from Arabic to English.

g) Submit of 20 data points to test the survey instrument. Based on feedback from Ground Truth, the survey/research firm is expected to adapt the survey instrument.

h) Submit daily data exports for quality assurance.

i) Independently check the quality of data collection during the whole process of data collection. By:

  • Staying in close contact with enumerators and making sure they have the tools they need, understand the aim of the project and are collecting the data in a professional and responsible way.
  • Tracking the locations in which the interviews were conducted, ideally by mapping them in case GPS data is available and making sure the plan is being followed by the enumerators.
  • Keeping track of interview times in order to be able to spot issues on time at an early stage.
  • Making spot checks during the data collection to make sure protocols are followed at all times.
  • Providing GPS coordinates, interview start and end times as well as enumerator’s IDs or names in the data set.

j) In addition to the daily exports, the survey/research firm should send a short progress email or arrange skype calls on the field work that will cover every two days:

  • Number of successfully completed interviews
  • Progress against the selected respondent category targets (e.g. affected people group, gender)
  • Any relevant observations and issues

k) Submit a brief final report after data collection, covering the number of successfully completed interview; adherence to agreed survey and sampling strategy; and any relevant observations and issues.

This vacancy is archived.

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