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Terms of Reference for Consultancy Assignment


Christian Aid is an international organisation that insists the world can and must be swiftly changed to one where everyone can live a full life, free from poverty. The vision of Christian Aid in the DRC is to contribute to the efforts of Congolese people to build a prosperous and democratic nation at the heart of Africa. We will support civil society to achieve the Congolese dream of their nation as a place where each woman and man is free, where equality before the law is guaranteed and where all strive for an enlightened common future, progress and peace. Our vision in the DRC is supported by a fair, challenging, and clear compensation system, consistent with our Global Strategy.

Because we understand that an organization's compensation policy has a direct and decisive impact on the motivation and productivity of employees, and is also a key element for attracting the right talent, we are launching this process to identify a qualified firm / consultant to conduct a Job evaluation and salary survey for our 4 offices in DRC, established in 4 distinct locations of the country.


In accordance with the established CA policies governing Consultancy Contracts and based on the appropriate methodology, and existing pay scales and terms and conditions, the selected Consultant will conduct an independent benchmarking exercise that aims to serve the dual purpose of:

a) Reviewing and benchmarking our salary and benefits package against those of similar agencies. As part of the benchmarking exercise the consultant will also need to examine the rates of pay and benefits in the stated locations of DRC in order to recommend the appropriate levels of pay based on location.

b) Enabling Christian Aid in DRC to categorize CA jobs alongside the defined categories within the labour law, and further to align the categories to the existing CA Job Evaluation.

Objectives and purpose of the assignment

1- Salary & Benefits Review

a- Salary Review

  • Carry out a salary survey to compare CA salaries with suitable local comparators

  • Make proposals for adjustments to the salary scales, and draft an implementation plan

  • The salary review must include all positions located in the 4 provinces (Kinshasa – Goma – Tshikapa – Kindu)

  • An analysis of salary progression models for the comparator organisation (COLA, Performance pay, predetermined annual increment etc., application of seniority bonuses).

  • A review of the alignment of CA salary computation to the labour law.

b- Benefits Review

  • A review of all benefits, both monetary and non-monetary currently offered by Christian Aid in DRC.

  • The review to include consideration of other benefits not currently offered, that are provided by comparators and part of reward package.

  • Recommendations to include matched job profiles, compensation packages and applicable benefits.

  • A review of applicable benefits in hardship locations (hardship allowances – job locations -

2- Jobs Evaluation

  • Attached is CA Jobs list in the DRC for reference.

  • The benchmarking framework must be comprehensive, including competencies and other relevant criteria, and will respond to the new realities of the organisation (Direct implementation); and

  • It will also be suitable for further expansions of the CA workforce and roles

  • Undertake an alignment exercise, adjusting the job levels of current staff to address inequities and/or disparities between roles in the same job family and across the organisation (The same jobs located one in capital city and the other in rural areas), and fully recognising roles and responsibilities undertaken.

  • Ensure fairness and equality, in terms of job grading, between staff members currently employed, and in comparison, with newly recruited staff members

  • A Scheme to facilitate a smooth transition into the new job evaluation framework.

Scope of the Assignment:

a- The selected Consultant guided by the requirements of the task shall, compile and suggest to CA a list of employers which may be considered as comparators for the benchmarking exercise. The list shall be subjected to final approval by CA and should at the minimum include British development and humanitarian agencies, CA ecumenical partners among others. Where the comparators are known to CA, CA shall assist the selected Consultant in determining the right persons to contact for ease of engagement. However, knowledge of the labour market and the ability to identify and reach out to appropriate comparator employers and/or proxy networks is a critical deliverable of the selected consultant.

b- The Consultant shall collect the following information from each of these Comparators:

· Job descriptions of the positions similar to those existing in CA for purposes of comparing the nature, complexity and level of responsibilities of each position.

· Job Titles, including confirming the accepted or recognized job title in given contexts (ie: Program Manager vs Project Manager).

· Collect and analyse the salary range / structures and associated benefits (including typical allowances and benefits package both monetary and non-monetary) of the selected comparators organizations for selected jobs. As part of this determine whether they are on a global, regional or local pay scale.

· Summary information on the comparator employer (size, number of employees, budget).

c- The Consultant shall present a draft analysis report to CA and make recommendations on the established benchmarks and any changes that CA may require to remain competitive.

d- The consultant shall prepare a Final Report, incorporating comments from CA

e- The Consultant shall maintain complete confidentiality of all data and documents provided by selected comparator employers and by CA. Data from comparator employers will be shared with CA in aggregate or without organization name designation.


Based on the agreed scope and objectives of the assignment, the consultant is expected to submit a report (with annexes) which includes, but not limited to, the following outputs:

  • Proposal of methodology (to be agreed with the Regional People Business Partner).

  • Details and Summary of data collected from the Comparators showing TOR/JD matches, Titles, benefits and the evaluation of their remuneration package;

  • A report on final benchmarking findings with comparison and analysis of the survey results, recommendations related to remuneration and benefit packages.

  • A summary table of Comparators terms and conditions compared to CA

  • A proposal with options for revised Titles, JD and/or terms and conditions for CA

  • All completed questionnaires together with relevant supporting documents and all relevant documentations and correspondences received from the respective comparators.

  • A presentation of the benchmarking results and recommendations for the Africa Divisional Leadership Group and the Africa HR Team.

  • A clear recommendation as to whether Christian-Aid DRC should operate on one national payscale or whether it should move to separate scales for Kinshasa, Goma and then maybe a field scale (for Tshikapa, Kindu) recognising the different jobs markets in those locations.


The work of the Consultant shall be supervised by Regional People Business Partner. As such, the approval of the final TOR, submission of the report and presentation shall be made through the same role. The confirmation of acceptability of report contents, the authorization of disbursement of payment, and evaluation of performance shall be undertaken by the Head of Operations, Africa.

Expected duration of Assignment

The task is expected to be completed within 5 weeks or as shall be agreed with the consultant from the date of signing of the contract. The individual, therefore, is required to prepare and submit the entire plan in a way that allows the achievement of all deliverables within the agreed period.

Duty Station

The selected Consultant shall not be required to be present at a CA office. He/she will work on their own with coordinated visits to the CA DRC Office in Kinshasa or virtual meetings as shall be necessary. The consultant will determine as and when to visit comparators during the assignment.

This vacancy is archived.

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