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  • Deadline Date: Friday, 14 June 2019

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Evaluation of the program “Democratization in Middle East and North Africa

The Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) is a non-governmental organization with roots in trade unions and labor movements in Norway. NPA supports processes towards democracy and equitable distribution of power and resources.

NPA has a long history in the Middle East, starting with programs focusing on Palestinian refugees settled in Lebanon since 1982, programs focusing on living conditions and democratization in Palestine since 1987, programs focusing on rural rehabilitation and democratization in Kurdistan region since 1995 that extended to the rest of Iraq in 2003 and a program on humanitarian aid and support to civil society in Syria since 2012. In 2015 NPA set up the MENA Regional Program, which was the first NPA experience of systematically working with a regional scope in the MENA region and not just with separate country programs through supporting networks and network building focusing on freedom of association and expression as well as women rights and participation, with a cross-cutting approach of supporting partners in their organizational development.

Aim of the evaluation

Covering the project period 2015-2018, the aim of the evaluation is to gain a deeper understanding of how challenges have been met, the relation between the regional program and the country specific programs of NPA in MENA, what the regional program funded by the Sida grant has achieved, and the opportunities to build on those achievements in future regional programming. The evaluation will also focus on how the program has addressed the challenges posed by changes in context that affected the capacity of civil society actors to operate in the region.

For whom is the evaluation

The evaluation or parts of it will be used by:

  • NPA MENA Regional Program
  • NPA MENA country offices
  • NPA head office
  • Sida
  • Partners
  • Relevant Stakeholders

Guiding questions

The evaluation is expected to address the below questions. In addition, the evaluator is expected to give recommendations to improve the program based on the findings as well as provide 3 case studies on the way changes in context have affected how NPA partners operate in the region and ways in which they have adapted to the changing scenarios.

MENA Regional program

  • What are the main achievements of the regional program?
  • Was the program able to reach the intended goals?

MENA country programs and regional engagement

  • How does the MENA regional program engage with the existing country programs?
  • What is the best way to maintain this engagement?
  • How did the regional program engage country program partners?
  • What were the obstacles faced during the implementation of the program between regional and country program?


  • How did NPA contribute to supporting the MENA regional partners in their organizational development?
  • What were the most relevant aspects of the partnership (financial, advocacy, networking….)?
  • What can NPA regional program do to better engage national partners in the regional work?
  • How can NPA better support the development of its regional partners?

Challenges and program adaptability

  • How did changes in context affect the program throughout its implementation period?
  • What have been the main challenges both for NPA and the partners?
  • What mitigation measures did NPA and Partners adopt? Were they effective?
  • How can NPA improve its regional engagement?

Define methodology and scope

The consultant will design the details of the methodology in cooperation with NPA. Nonetheless, NPA expects the methodology to include:

  1. Desk reviews.
  2. Semi-Structured interviews with NPA staff, partners and relevant stakeholders.
  3. Surveys and assessments.
  4. State values and ethical considerations


  1. Evaluation plan with methodology and time frame
  2. Assessment tool
  3. Semi-Structured interview guide
  4. Final evaluation report including lessons learned and recommendations
  5. Three case studies illustrating how shrinking space for civil society affects civil society work

State values and ethical considerations

Evaluator must adhere to NPA’s ethical guidelines.

Evaluation team

Individual consultant or a team of consultants with the following skill-set:

  1. Very good knowledge of the MENA civil society context.
  2. Experience with civil society organizing and advocacy.
  3. Good understanding of organizational development.
  4. Experience in designing and conducting assessments.
  5. Experience in methodology based on dialogue and respect.
  6. Excellent written and spoken English
  7. Spoken and written Arabic language skills will be considered a strong asset.

Evaluation period: 6 weeks

Total budget: 14.000 USD

Documents to be submitted:

  • a brief expression of interest describing your experience relevant to this review, including a summary of your understanding of the ToR
  • a current CV
  • a budget, including your daily fees
  • your availability, starting Monday 08th of July, 2019

Deadline for submission: Friday, June 14th

If you have any questions, please contact: Elvira Giraldez, CC Wissam Sheib

This vacancy is archived.

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