• Added Date: Thursday, 21 March 2019
  • Deadline Date: Tuesday, 02 April 2019

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This Expression of Interest solicitation is open to all eligible consultants, in accordance with SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL recruitment procedures.

Context of the Consultancy

Type and content of program: The LEARN Consortium is a partnership between four (4) International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs). A two-year program funded by the Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA), it leverages the respective expertise from the four partners to deliver Health, Shelter and WASH services to Internally Displaced Persons in North East Syria (NES).

The main activities being implemented are related to the rehabilitation and running of Primary Health Centers (PHCs), emergency WASH (water distribution and rehabilitation of water infrastructure) and distribution of essential kits (new arrivals, hygiene, shelter repairs). The program incorporates a Rapid Response Mechanism.

Partner missions and CMU: The four implementing partners are based in, and implement throughout, NES. The Consortium Management Unit (CMU) is the oversight structure for the program that aims to facilitate smooth coordination, oversee program delivery, lead donor communications, ensure compliance and manage risk. The CMU is led by the Chief of Party (Jordan) and Deputy Chief of Party (NES), together with a team of Specialists.


Key Priorities and Deliverables

  • Review the supply chain across all consortium partners, with a focus on procurement.
  • Following review, make proposals to foster optimization of resources and promote synergies and harmonization in the supply chain process, for example through an increased scope of joint procurement of common materials. Seek input on the proposals and support them to be implemented once agreed.
  • Consolidate information on joint procurements, establishing a clear scheduling, procurement plan and supply plan across partners.
  • Lead on setting up coordination and communication mechanisms between the consortium partners to coordinate these efforts (e.g. regular meetings, Skype groups). Ensure roles, responsibilities and workflows are clear to all. Take a leadership role in building a coherent approach across consortium partners.
  • Review warehousing across all consortium partners and make proposals to share warehousing to optimize resources and increase coordination.
  • Oversee the updating of price and providers lists for each partner.
  • Implement and update a global suppliers list and a global price list to support all partners in procurement.

Day-to-day Facilitation

  • Review and approve procurements when required under the terms of the sub-award agreements (SAAs). This will be ad hoc.
  • Provide donor compliance support regarding logistics and supply. Respond to partner questions and proactively identify possible donor compliance concerns. This might include support to the consortium’s compliance function with supply chain spot checks and internal reviews.
  • Work with the Finance Specialist to check harmonization of financial reports and forecasts vs. procurement and supply realities. Identify risks and recommend mitigating actions to Finance Specialist and COP/DCOP.
  • With each partner, confirm that the LEARN procurement plan is up-to-date, integrated into the planning of activities and supports efficient program delivery.
  • Follow up and support partners on procurement needs for markets or purchases for more than USD 50,000.
  • Follow up with partners on supply chain deliverables as set out in the SAAs to ensure effective programmatic delivery.
  • Attend working groups and other coordination bodies.
  • Consolidate, process and analyze monthly reports from partners and provide required logistics reporting for the consortium.
  • Develop LEARN guidelines and strategies across partners, and provide lessons learnt and best practice.


The consultant will be recruited by SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL for a period of 66 working days from April 15th to July 15th and works under the direct supervision of LEARN Consortium Chief of Party.

A full-time Logistics Specialist is expected to be hired following this consultancy. The Consultant will be expected to hand over the deliverables to the full-time recruit.

Therefore, this period can be flexible depending on the ongoing recruitment of a full time position.

This vacancy is archived.

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