Consultancy to develop a Programme Database and Integrated Management Information System

  • Added Date: Tuesday, 10 September 2019
  • Deadline Date: Sunday, 22 September 2019

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1. Background

Conservation International (CI) Liberia and Environment Protection Agency (EPA) have received a Project Preparatory Grant to develop a Project Document for Global Environment Facility (GEF) funded impact child project entitled, “*Reducing deforestation from palm oil and cocoa value chains.”*

The objective of the project is “Farming and forest-dependent communities are more food-secure, while palm oil and cocoa are produced without deforestation, through the implementation of a transformative, climate-smart landscape approach.” The project will be implemented in four Counties of Northwest Liberia landscape including Lofa, Grand Cape Mount, Bomi, and Gbarpolu.

The project has four components including:

a) Development, adoption and implementation of National and NW Liberia Landscape land-use plans

b) Promotion of sustainable production practices for food crops, palm oil and cocoa, supported by responsible value chains

c) Biodiversity loss reduction and restoration of natural habitats

d) Management, coordination, collaboration and Monitoring and Evaluation

In NW Liberia landscape, the project will streamline the different knowledge management platforms currently in place by establishing a physical Community Resource Centre and an integrated online Knowledge and Learning Platform to improve information sharing and exploit the full potential of a robust results-based Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system. The existing M&E processes of partners in NW Liberia landscape are stand alone and not synchronized and are largely manual, tedious and time consuming in terms of generating and using the information, which makes it difficult to manage and analyze in real time. Consequently, this has resulted in difficulties accessing the necessary data and information, processing and analysis, comparing performance indicators across projects, as well as responding adequately and timely to the information needs of partners and other key stakeholders.

To this end, CI Liberia and EPA are inviting proposals from qualified consultants/firms to develop a comprehensive programme database and integrated management information system for NW Liberia landscape. The consultant is also expected to build the capacity of selected partner staff to use and maintain the developed database and system. The assignment will be divided into two broad phases: Database development and deployment; and Integrated system development and deployment

2. Purpose of the consultancy

The purpose of this consultancy is to develop a comprehensive programme database and integrated management information system to support effective processing, storage and sharing of information in NW Liberia landscape and beyond.

3. Scope of work

Whereas CI and EPA have provided the general scope of work for this consultancy below, the Consultant is expected to propose a plausible approach for undertaking this assignment, covering the design/customization of a web-enabled activity database and subsequently the linking and integration of the activity databases and systems to produce a web-enabled integrated information management system. The activity database and integrated information management system must be web-based and should ideally use open source technologies. The Scope of work will cover the following:

a) Develop and install a comprehensive and secure programme database consistent with the infrastructure and capacity requirements of NW Liberia landscape partners, based on pre-determined and modifiable indicators and reporting requirements of the results measurement framework;

b) Develop standards procedures and guidelines for maintaining the database, and the integrated system;

c) Improve the competence (application of knowledge and skills) of NW Liberia landscape partner staff in using and maintaining the developed database and standards; and

d) Develop and install a secure and web-based integrated management information system, which can adequately integrate information from different systems across partners and projects.

e) Strengthen the processing, management, and sharing of NW Liberia landscape information internally and externally with stakeholders

4. Key tasks

In developing a comprehensive programme database and integrated management information system for NW Liberia landscape, the Consultant will work with partners and Liberia Institute for Statistics and Geo-information Services (LISGIS) to facilitate synergies with the national system. The key tasks will be divided into two phases: database development and deployment; and integrated system development and deployment. The tasks to be undertaken in each phase are described below:

Phase one: Database development and deployment

a) Perform a detailed review of existing documentation, including the M&E systems of partners in NW Liberia landscape

b) Develop a written plan for the development of a database specific to the needs of the FOLUR impact programme, as well as uploading, and cleaning procedures. The consultant will work with the Technical Director, M&E and IT staff as focal points for this assignment to develop the written plan and ensure the necessary expertise to use the software and hardware for the developed database.

c) Data cleaning, editing and capturing of existing data and then uploading

d) Develop a standard operating procedures manual that includes an explanation on how: data are entered; to use the data cleaning programme; to aggregate data from different time periods such as phases, across departments and partners; to transfer data to partners and stakeholders; to store and freeze data,; and to secure and protect data

e) Data entry and use. As needed, the Consultant will train the partners staff on the various procedures for the activity database including data extraction, analysis, visualization, reporting/transfer and management

f) Using learnings from this consultancy, the consultant will provide recommendations for the development of an overarching NW Liberia landscape integrated information management system, which is secure and web-enabled

Phase two: Integrated management information system development and deployment.

a) Design the integrated system based on the phase one recommendations and systems requirements

b) Link and integrate the activity database with existing databases and systems

c) Perform unit tests and functional tests

d) Produce complete technical documentation

e) Configure all settings

f) Perform system deployment on the server

g) Produce training material

h) Train system administrators and users on integrated system operations

i) Provide technical and user support services

5. Deliverables

i. By 10th October 2019 an inception report is produced and submitted to CI Liberia. The inception report should include methodologies, and a detailed work plan and schedule.

ii. By 10th November 2019, a report on the system design, hardware and software specifications, data storage and management etc. is produced

iii. By 30th November 2019 database is developed and tested through demonstration exercises

iv. By 15th December 2019 user/operational manual or handbook developed

v. By 15th December 2019 identified partner staff trained on the use and maintenance of the database

vi. By 20th December 2019 a fully operational database and integrated management information system developed

vii. By 20th December, a final report and other relevant documentation produced

6. Period of performance

This consultancy will commence on 7th October 2019 to 20th December 2019.

7. Services Provided by CI Liberia and EPA

CI Liberia and EPA project leads will provide the consultant with an initial orientation and all relevant background documents prior to the kick-off meeting. Each of the institutions Project leads will be available for ongoing conversations, to clarify expectations about the process and outputs.

8. Contract Type

Conservation International will issue a fixed-price contract for this work. As per the consultant’s proposal and subsequent negotiations, the contract will include a set of fixed payments based on submission and acceptance of deliverables indicated in 5 above.

9. Location of Work

The consultant shall work from their base of operations in any part of Liberia but will be required to travel to Monrovia to conduct tasks which require direct contact with the project team such as consultations, piloting the database, training partner staff, as well as resolving issues relevant to the objectives of this consultancy.

10. Supervision

CI Liberia Technical Director together with respective colleagues at CI Headquarters will supervise consultant performance and be responsible for review and acceptance of all written deliverables.

11. Minimum Qualifications and experience of Individual Consultant

The successful Individual Consultant will have the following minimum requirements:

a) Education: Bachelors or Graduate degree or equivalent in Computer Science, Data/information Management, Software engineering, Information Technology and Specialist training in data base management, software development, computer programming, etc. will be given priority

b) At least five years continuous working experience in the fields of data management/database development/design, database administration, installation and support for different database platforms including web-based platforms and statistical analysis tools

c) At least five years (for BSc) and three years (for MSc) continuous working experience in the field

d) SQL Server Database Certification would be an asset; 3+ years Team Foundation Server (TFS) user or administrator; System administrator with experience in the Microsoft and Linux environment; experience in Java and Python; skill in fault finding technical problems and developing solutions

e) At least five years’ experience in M&E and/or M&E systems design

f) Strong communication and presentation skills in English

g) Professionalism: flexibility to make ad-hoc changes as and when the need arises; ability to perform under stress; willingness to keep flexible working hours

12. Submission requirements

Qualified Individual Consultants are invited to submit a proposal that must include the following:

i. Cover letter: A short (maximum one page) outlining the understanding of project objectives and requirements and a statement of interest from Consultant or firm;

ii. Background and Overview:

· Name and contact information for the Consultant or firm;

· A brief overview of the Consultant or firm;

· Discuss any hardware/software vendor partnerships, if any; and

· Any current or past projects, programmes, research or plans the consultant/firm has undertaken that are similar to this assignment.

iii. Technical Proposal (maximum eight pages) highlighting: brief explanation about the Consultant’s previous experience in this kind of work; experience in database development; the methodology; and a work plan with detailed activities for completing the tasks.

iv. Financial Proposal: The financial proposal should provide cost estimates for services rendered including daily consultancy fees, accommodation, per-diems, transport cost, stationery, etc. This should be competitive fee rates and expenses in relation to the market and demonstration of value for money for services.

v. Recent CV(s) of the Consultant(s)

vi. References: Contact details of three organizations that the consultant/firm has had similar assignments. This will be contacted during the proposal review process.

13. Instructions for Preparation of the budget

i. Format: budgets must be prepared and submitted in Microsoft Excel and explicitly show all units (e.g., labour days), unit costs (e.g., loaded daily rates), and total costs. Excel files should be “unlocked” and show all calculations.

ii. Included costs: budgets should be in United States dollars and should include lines for:

· Labour for individual expert, in person-days, multiplied by either a base daily pay or a “loaded” daily pay (e.g., inclusive of fringe benefits, other indirect costs, or fee). Proposed daily rates must be in accordance with the qualifications represented in the resumes of the named individuals.

· Other direct costs, including costs for items like telephone, internet, photocopying, small office supplies, etc. (if required).

iii. Budget Justification: a budget narrative must accompany the budget spreadsheet, justifying proposed costs.

14. Evaluation Criteria

CI and EPA will evaluate proposals based on the following criteria:



15. Cost of the consultancy The cost of this consultancy is USD 8,000 inclusive of taxes.

This vacancy is archived.

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