Canadian Immigration Support Supervisor, Refugee Legal Aid Program

  • Added Date: Tuesday, 11 June 2019
  • Deadline Date: Monday, 17 June 2019

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Founded in 1979, St Andrew’s Refugee Services (StARS) is a refugee service provider in central Cairo that works to enhance the quality of life for refugees and vulnerable migrants through education, legal aid, and psychosocial services. We provide high-quality services meeting the unaddressed needs of refugees, and we provide a safe and inclusive space for displaced people to come together as a community. We work for refugees, with refugees, to make rights recognition a reality.

StARS’ Mission is to enhance the quality of life of refugees in Egypt and make their rights a reality through client-centered programs.

StARS’ Vision is a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment for refugees in which they can exercise their rights, pursue their aspirations, and live in dignity.

Project Description: Refugee Legal Aid Program

The Refugee Legal Aid Program (RLAP) provides advice and representation to refugees seeking recognition by UNHCR through refugee status determination procedures in Egypt, assists refugees in accessing resettlement to safe third countries, and advises refugees on protection matters. RLAP is seeking to hire a Canadian Immigration Support Supervisor to manage RLAP’s assistance to refugee applicants whose applications are in process by Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)-Cairo. The Canadian Immigration Support Supervisor will manage a team of four Caseworkers who will provide advice and complete IRCC resettlement application forms on behalf of refugee applicants.

Starting in April 2019, RLAP will partner with the Canadian embassy to provide assistance to refugees being resettled from Egypt to Canada whose applications are in process by IRCC-Cairo. This project is funded by the Canadian government specifically for the purpose of ensuring accuracy and verification of information provided by refugee applicants whose applications are in process by the IRCC-Cairo. RLAP, through a team of caseworkers under the supervision of the Canadian Immigration Support Supervisor, will assist all refugees who have been referred to Canada for resettlement in; verifying information provided in the UNHCR’s Refugee Resettlement Referral (RRF), accurately completing IRCC resettlement application forms, and ensure timely submission of the relevant IRCC resettlement application forms. This project intends as well to strengthen the relationship of communication between RLAP and IRCC-Cairo, and to ensure efficiency within the Canadian resettlement process so as to benefit refugees in need of travel to a safe third country.


Under the supervision of the RLAP Director and Resettlement Coordinator the Canadian Immigration Support Supervisor is responsible for managing the advice and form filling of IRCC resettlement application forms for refugee applicants. a caseload of refugee applicants whose applications are in process by the IRCC-Cairo. The Canadian Immigration Support Supervisor is responsible for communicating with IRCC-Cairo on matters related to processing of refugee resettlement to Canada from Egypt, and disseminating advice as appropriate to RLAP clients and refugee communities. The Canadian Immigration Support Supervisor will supervise four caseworkers under the project, and is responsible to engage in regular direct supervision meetings with these caseworkers. Canadian Immigration Support Supervisor is responsible to conduct final reviews of Canadian immigration forms prior to submission to the embassy.

The Canadian Immigration Support Supervisor will also liaise with the StARS Community Outreach Program to provide trainings to refugee communities as needed, and engage in relevant messaging in regard to the Canadian RST process and procedures. The Canadian Immigration Support Caseworker will meet with refugee applicants referred by IRCC-Cairo to RLAP, to provide them with legal advice and assistance as relevant to their resettlement procedure with Canada. This will include assisting with completion of IRCC resettlement application forms, and disseminating advice to refugees approaching StARS with inquiries as to the processing of their resettlement applications by IRCC-Cairo.


All duties are carried out under the supervision of the RLAP Director and Resettlement Coordinator.


  • To develop the program and supervision structure of the Canadian Immigration Support team.
  • To maintain good working knowledge of policies and procedures as relevant to Canadian immigration processes, specifically those applicable to refugees in Egypt.
  • To manage the processing of referrals of refugee applicants received from IRCC-Cairo.
  • To allocate cases to caseworkers, and manage and audit the case dockets to ensure caseworkers are scheduling appointments with allocated cases in a timely manner.
  • To develop the drop-in advice procedures and schedule caseworkers on a weekly basis to undertake on-call shifts to provide advice to refugee applicants whose applications are in process by IRCC-Cairo who approach StARS on a walk-in basis
  • To provide guidance to caseworkers on the applicable IRCC resettlement application forms to be completed for allocated cases.
  • To oversee and review IRCC resettlement application forms completed by caseworkers prior to submission to IRCC-Cairo.
  • To act as the communication focal point with the IRCC-Cairo including receiving case referrals, sending inquiries, arranging meetings, and other communication as necessary.
  • To arrange for caseworkers to schedule appointments with refugee applicants off-site, when warranted due to medical conditions or severe protection concerns limiting the ability of refugee applicants to approach StARS.
  • To cooperate with RLAP’s Resettlement team in implementing new procedures and managing caseloads.
  • To regularly cooperate with StARS Screening and Intake Officers and the StARS Community Outreach Department in messaging and communicating with refugee communities
  • To collect data relevant to Canadian resettlement application procedures and work with the RLAP Director and Resettlement Coordinator to develop potential suggestions to ease the process for refugee applicants whose applications are in process by IRCC-Cairo.
  • To develop and implement comprehensive case management practices to be followed by Caseworkers including, maintaining and updating electronic databases and records for each case, and keeping detailed notes of all casework activities.
  • To engage with refugee community-based organizations in providing information sessions on Canadian resettlement procedures.
  • To engage in research on complementary pathways particularly as relevant to Canada, and assist and support the Resettlement Coordinator in implementation of programming and procedures related to these efforts
  • To assess extra-legal client needs and refer to other StARS teams or external organizations as appropriate
  • To adhere to the Nairobi Code of Ethics, the StARS Policies and Procedures Manual, and the StARS Code of Conduct.


  • To assist the RLAP Director and Resettlement Coordinator in development and implementation of team policies and procedures.
  • To provide case reporting data to the RLAP Director as requested in order to accurately report work to senior management, funders, and others.
  • To attend and contribute to RLAP meetings and other staff meetings.
  • To build and maintain strong relationships with IRCC-Cairo in coordination with the Resettlement Coordinator and RLAP Director.
  • To build and maintain strong relationships with refugee communities in Cairo.
  • To build and maintain relationships with StARS psychosocial and education staff and operational partners.
  • To communicate with refugee communities, other service providers, and UNHCR to facilitate the communication of accurate information leading to the fulfillment of refugee rights.


  • To manage, in accordance to StARS’ Human Resources policies and in coordination with the Resettlement Coordinator, the recruitment of Canadian Immigration Support Caseworkers for the Project.
  • To develop and create training materials, in coordination with IRCC-Cairo, and conduct trainings with new staff, specifically Canadian Immigration Support Caseworkers.
  • To conduct direct and ongoing supervision with the four Canadian Immigration Support Caseworkers covering the range of services the Caseworkers provide to refugee applicants whose applications are in process by IRCC-Cairo
  • To develop mechanisms to receive feedback from IRCC-Cairo on the quality of IRCC resettlement application forms RLAP submits on behalf of refugee applicants.
  • Based on feedback received from IRCC-Cairo, develop ongoing training and deliver or coordinate the delivery of ongoing training by IRCC-Cairo staff.
  • To engage proactively in promoting self-care among volunteers and other staff.
  • To ensure that Canadian Immigration Support Caseworkers provide high quality advice and form filling, and take a refugee rights-based approach in the delivery of these services.


  • To monitor and maintain strong financial records and procedures as per StARS financial rules and ensure proper financial documentation of all activities.
  • To undergo probation and regular performance appraisals.


· To communicate regularly with the RLAP Director and the Resettlement Coordinator, reporting on all major issues and developments in the field and within RLAP.

· To become familiar with RLAP’s database program and accurately record and follow up on all relevant case management practices and procedures.

· To promote information sharing within RLAP and StARS on all issues affecting the populations we serve.

Qualifications & Experience

The ideal candidate will be energetic, articulate, and comfortable interacting with diverse segments of society. She or he will have demonstrated a firm commitment to human rights and refugee issues.

Essential qualifications:

  • English being the official language of UNHCR Cairo and StARS, the RLAP Canadian Immigration Support Supervisor must be fluent in oral and written English.
  • Master’s degree in a related field (international development, international law, development studies, Middle East Studies) OR a qualified lawyer in any jurisdiction (J.D., LLB or equivalent) OR a minimum of one year of experience in representing refugees in the resettlement or RSD processes OR two years experience providing services to refugees or displaced people in any capacity.
  • Experience supervising caseworkers providing legal, psychosocial or medical services to refugees or displaced people.
  • Experience designing and conducting trainings for non-technical audiences
  • Experience in assessing extra-legal needs and vulnerabilities.
  • Knowledge of UNHCR guidelines and procedures.
  • Experience in managing a caseload with competing deadlines and priorities.
  • Knowledge of services available for refugees in Egypt.
  • Demonstrated attention to details.
  • Knowledge of the general protection situation and vulnerabilities of refugees in Egypt.
  • A demonstrated commitment to and sensitivity toward vulnerable or displaced people.
  • Ability to live and work in a fluid security environment.
  • Ability to exercise sound judgment, well organized, self-motivated, and reliable.
  • Demonstrated compassion for refugees and displaced people.
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a team as well as individually.
  • A positive attitude and sensitive manner when dealing with clients including a range of interviewing skills for dealing with challenging scenarios, particularly in advocating for survivors of violence, trafficking, torture, and SGBV.

Desirable Characteristics:

  • Experience in team coordination and management of case dockets with strict deadlines.
  • Life and work experience in the Middle East or Egypt or with an urban refugee population.
  • Fluency in Arabic or a language spoken by refugee communities in Egypt is an advantage.

Hours: 40-hour work week (Sunday – Thursday), and other hours and overtime as required.

Supervised by: RLAP Resettlement Coordinator

Salary: 7,850 EGP per month, rising to 8,350 EGP per month following successful completion of a three-month probationary period, with 4,020 EGP/year medical allowance and 100 EGP pension contribution following completion of the probationary period.

Benefits: StARS official benefit policies as stipulated in StARS Policies and Procedures Guidelines

Closing date for applications: 17 June 2019

Anticipated starting date: 1 July 2019

This position is subject to a three-month probationary period, at which time the employee’s performance will be reviewed and probation may be extended.

This vacancy is archived.

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