• Added Date: Wednesday, 20 March 2019
  • Deadline Date: Monday, 15 July 2019

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What do we do?

Hands on experience working with local African organizations that operate in emerging markets (Education, Health, Agriculture/Food Security).

Assignments and tasks vary and draw upon quantitative and qualitative skills. The most defining aspect of the experience is that the work is intensive and requires dedicated fellows who want to advance the mission and vision of local African organizations. As well as have impact in African Development. In as much, fellows will learn critical business and management analysis skills. Candidates must demonstrate that there must be a greater desire to develop Africa at large.

What are the countries?

Three major buckets where travel and work will happen:

  • Core local organizations - Ghana and Sudan

  • Short term assignment for international development projects. Africa wide

  • Professional Development series. South Africa, Egypt, Kenya, Ethiopia, Senegal, Morocco, Tanzania, Mozambique, Namibia.

    • Core local organizations headquarters in Accra, Ghana and Khartoum, Sudan providing self sustainable services in education, health, and agricultural programs. Work task completed for these two organizations support the free market and the non profit market. A majority of time will be spent in the countries of Ghana and Sudan.
    • Completing short scopes of work for international development partners. These short assignments lasting anywhere from 7 days to 24 days are based upon client need. For example, if FGM project in Eritrea may seek a gender specialist fellow to support them in analyzing the constitution to determine where FGM policies can be strengthened. Second example, civil society strengthening rural campaign on the dangers of pesticides over usage where the client may require some background on agriculture and food security. Therefore, fellows would be matched with one opportunity to support an international development project with specific scope of work and expectations. The country assignment and nature of task will be matched based on need.
    • Professional development series, where fellows are expected to increase their knowledge and practical skills in critical international development areas such as proposal writing. Development scopes of work planning, result based management, monitoring and evaluation, bid management, mapping international development partners.
      Fellowship Description:
  • Gain experiences in business practices at local African organizations

  • Build local capacity in education, research, data collection & analysis, agriculture, public health, and natural resource management

  • Build your experience in international development

  • Travel to diverse geographical regions in Africa

  • Develop hands-on analytical and managerial experience

  • Write non-profit proposals and project reports

  • Attend professional development seminars

  • Shape young minds by teaching and tutoring in local education programs

    Application Process:

  • Seeking competitive university graduates (Bachelors, Masters, and PHD/Doctoral) and young professionals

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