Advisor, OAS and Head, Procurement and Contracts Administration Unit

  • Added Date: Thursday, 12 October 2017
  • Deadline Date: Friday, 20 October 2017

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Job Purpose

Lead a procurement team of International Staff, National Staff and Administrative Staff providing day to day management and supervision of the Procurement and Contract Administration unit.

Maintain and further develop ADB's electronic procurement system, eProc, including tight integration with ADB's budget systems, roll out to ADB resident missions and progressively introducing catalogues supported by framework contracts for repeatable transactions.

Lead negotiations on high value, risk and impact IT and facilities projects ensuring ADB secures best value from these projects.

Provide leadership, guidance and governance through non-standard sourcing processes such as Agile ensuring that ADB's procurement principles are maintained and best value is secured.

Participate in and support the Office of Information Technology's (OIST) and Office of Administrative Services (OAS) CAPEX and OPEX planning cycles identifying, supporting and delivering optimal contracting strategies.

Ensure that procurement is undertaken in compliance with the relevant ADB policies and accepted best procurement practices and to mitigate transactional and reputational risks to ADB with due regard to economy and efficiency in the execution of institutional procurement.

Oversee and provide high level transactional and technical guidance on institutional procurement acting as Chairperson of the Institutional Procurement Committee (IPC) for non- Office of Administrative Services (OAS) procurement and as a member of the IPC for OAS procurement subject to IPC approval.

In consultation with the Operations Services and Financial Management Department, Office of the General Counsel, Office of the Auditor General and client departments develop procurement policies and processes overseeing and ensuring compliance with those that are agreed.

Provide high level commercial advice on procurement policy, procurement integrity, staff conduct as it relates to procurement, actions on contractual issues with service providers, contractors and suppliers.

Expected Outcomes

Operations Management and Process Improvement

  • Recommend, secure approval for and implement policies and procedures relating to the procurement of goods, services and facilities required for the administrative functions of ADB headquarters.
  • Oversee and maintain a consumer centric service to internal clients without compromising fiduciary standards and accepted best procurement practice;
  • Maintenance and continued development of ADB's electronic procurement system, eProc;
  • Ensure all addressable spend is captured by eProc;
  • Oversee, implement and continuously improve procurement and contract policies increasing levels of efficiency, economy and transparency in the process.

Procurement, Contracting and Contracts Administration

  • Chair the IPC when OAS is not the procuring Department.
  • Member IPC when OAS is the procuring department.
  • Within the levels of authority delegated by the Principal Director, OAS, oversee and approve procurement transactions.
  • Provide support to resident, and regional and representative offices in procurement and contracting activities when appropriate;
  • Advise on or implement Technical Assistance financed procurement of non-consulting procurement when ADB is the executing agency or when requested to do so by the Principal Director OAS;
  • Progressively introduce category management best practices across ADB's institutional procurement spend

Knowledge Generation and Sharing

  • Oversee the development of procurement best practice and ensure its dissemination to user departments and internal and external clients;
  • Cause the generation of real-time meaningful management reporting to direct management; end-users and oversight departments;
  • Implement strategies that boost the dissemination and promotion of ADB knowledge products specifically targeting existing and potential suppliers as well as client departments and divisions.
  • Oversee the management of ADB inter and intranet sites related to institutional procurement activity.

Staff Supervision

  • Provides leadership and support to reporting staff.
  • Supervises the performance of reporting staff, providing clear direction and regular monitoring and feedback on performance.
  • Ensures the on-going learning and development of reporting staff.

Core Competencies and Managerial Competencies

Application of Technical Knowledge and Skills

  • Develops and shares new theories and applications
  • Develops other specialists in ADB and client organizations as a subject matter expert
  • Convinces sophisticated clients to follow ADB's technical advice
  • Focuses on creating depth in area of technical expertise within ADB

Client Orientation

  • Leads complex client negotiations to achieve mutually agreeable outcomes
  • Guides others on how to effectively involve diverse groups of stakeholders and clients in strategic planning
  • Ensures consistent client satisfaction, particularly in highly sensitive and complex situations
  • Proactively manages relationships with decision makers and opinion leaders that contributes to achieving ADB's goals

Achieving Results and Problem Solving

  • Conducts complex analyses and reviews to achieve planned results
  • Integrates projects and programs contributing to sector, country, and regional results
  • Identifies and plans for future issues in programs and initiatives
  • Designs operational processes, resources, and systems, to deliver higher quality results at lower cost
  • Manages for results by planning staff resources, implementing, monitoring, and reporting outcomes

Working Together

  • Leads the achievement of interdepartmental or multi-client project goals
  • Builds sustainable and productive long-term relationships with strategic partners at Ministerial, Central Agency and Sector level while appreciating differing objectives and concerns
  • Actively manages potential team conflict situations before they arise
  • Builds a safe environment within teams where staff and clients feel comfortable to openly share differing views and opinions

Communication and Knowledge Sharing

  • Diligently seeks and acts on feedback from internal and external stakeholders
  • Consistently provides the appropriate level and amount of communication to internal and external stakeholders
  • Develops approaches for information access and the dissemination of relevant knowledge solutions
  • Stimulates the formation of novel and useful knowledge products and services

Innovation and Change

  • Acts as a change sponsor to win the support of those who are resistant to Strategy 2020 or organizational changes
  • Persuasively communicates the reasons for organization change, addressing concerns and encouraging thinking beyond possible immediate personal inconveniences
  • Anticipates the need for changes in policies and procedures to increase the effectiveness of ADB's assistance
  • Drives the development of a continuous improvement and openness to change culture throughout ADB

Leadership and Strategic Thinking

  • Aligning words with actions
  • Seeks opportunities to gain support and buy-in from internal and external stakeholders for ADB's vision, mission and strategy
  • Motivates others who are unclear or not aligned with the priorities of Strategy 2020 by explaining the rationale and big picture supporting objectives
  • Sought out to assist in aligning Departmental and organizational strategies and work plans with the needs of Strategy 2020
  • Consistently involves current and potential stakeholders in designing and managing organizational changes needed to achieve ADB's strategic objectives


  • Consistently assumes responsibility for Divisional or Departmental actions by explaining successes, failures, and proposing remedial actions
  • Invests significant time in creating a culture of accountability and responsibility by using experience and advice to guide others
  • Share accountability to improve the Division or Departmental performance and effectiveness
  • Quickly manages and resolves situations when accountabilities are not met

Inspiring Trust and Integrity

  • Expresses views and behaves that enforces ADB values and inspires others to follow
  • Establishes an environment that encourages open communication and responsible information sharing
  • Delivers on commitments, obligations, and promises
  • Avoids abuse of power or authority in any circumstance
  • Consistently applies and upholds ADB rules and code of conduct
  • Takes prompt and consistent action to address unprofessional, improper, or unethical behavior, including possible misconduct and violations to ADB's anticorruption policy
  • Acts promptly to address any situations of perceived, potential, or actual conflicts of interest
  • Maintains confidentiality of information in accordance with ADB rules


Education Requirements

  • Master's degree, or equivalent, in Procurement. A recognized professional procurement qualification coupled with a University degree may be considered in lieu of a Master's degree

Relevant Experience

  • At least 15 years of relevant experience in procurement in an executive function
  • At least 3 years leading the procurement function
  • Procurement leadership of major investment in IT and/or Facilities and Building Services Management
  • Able to undertake the responsibilities mentioned above at the required level
  • Able to lead and work with multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary teams
  • Able to inspire trust and confidence and to promote a strong culture of honesty, trust and openness
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English. Must be able to communicate, present substantiate complex procurement decisions and issues
  • International experience working in several countries

Reporting Relationships

  • Supervisor: Principal Director, OAS
  • The following staff positions may be supervised by the incumbent:
    • Administrative Staff
    • National Staff
    • International Staff

We encourage diversity in our workplace and support an inclusive and respectful work environment. Women are especially encouraged to apply.

This vacancy is archived.

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